AJ Bell British National Masters Squash Championships 2019

Tuesday 12 February - Sunday 17 February 2019

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Age Group 
Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3532 DrawPeter Marshall bt Phil Nightingale3-0 (11/4, 11/4, 11/5)
Men's Over 4032 DrawMatt Marshall bt Jamie Goodrich3-2 (8/11, 11/9, 11/8, 2/11, 11/5)
Men's Over 4532 DrawPaul Boyle bt Jonathan Gallacher3-2 (14/12, 5/11, 8/11, 11/6, 11/6)
Men's Over 5032 DrawPhil Yerby bt Matthew Oxley 3-2 (5/11, 12/10, 7/11, 11/3, 11/6)
Men's Over 5532 DrawMark Woodliffe bt Greg Loach3-0 (11/4, 11/3, 11/1)
Men's Over 6032 DrawJon Evan bt Allen Barwise3-1 (15/5, 13/15, 15/10, 15/8)
Men's Over 6532 DrawStephen Johnson bt Geoff Redfern3-0 (15/3, 15/6, 15/8)
Men's Over 7016 DrawHoward Cherlin bt Philip Ayton3-2 (6/15, 15/13, 10/15, 15/12, 15/11)
Men's Over 758 DrawAdrian Wright bt Mike Clemson3-1 (15/12, 9/15, 15/5, 15/12)
Men's Over 804 Pool1st Vincent Taylor; 2nd Lance KinderPool
Women's Over 358 DrawLauren Briggs bt Ria Kennerley3-0 (11/3, 11/1, 11/5)
Women's Over 408 DrawNicky Green bt Natalie Townsend3-1 (14/12, 4/11, 11/9, 11/9)
Women's Over 4516 DrawRachel Woodward bt Rachel Calver3-1 (9/11, 14/12, 11/7, 11/5)
Women's Over 5016 DrawAndrea Santamaria bt Nikki Fowler3-0 (15/12, 15/9, 15/13)
Women's Over 5516 DrawMandy Akin bt Fiona McLean3-1 (15/11, 15/10, 15/17, 15/9)
Women's Over 608 DrawKaren Hume bt Jill Campion3-1 (17/15, 11/15, 15/13, 15/9)
Women's Over 654 Pool1st Rebecca Czuczman; 2nd Bett DryhurstPool
Women's Over 70Final OnlyBett Dryhurst bt June Hill3-0 (15/10, 15/7, 15/9)
Men's Over 35 PlateFinal OnlyPaul Jones bt Gary Flockart3-0 (11/1, 11/2, 11/5)
Men's Over 40 Plate4 DrawJames Greenhead bt Simon Lucas3-0 (11/7, 11/8, 14/12)
Men's Over 45 Plate4 DrawDavid Robertson bt Jeff Davenport3-1 (11/7, 11/9, 9/11, 11/5)
Men's Over 50 Plate8 DrawNeil Counter bt Collin McMullen3-1 ( 12/10, 11/6, 5/11, 11/9)
Men's Over 55 Plate16 DrawPeter Call bt Mark Taylor3-1 (11/4, 8/11, 12/10, 11/7)
Men's Over 60 Plate8 DrawTim Miller bt Steve Ralphs3-2 (16/18, 15/9, 11/15, 15/2, 15/6)
Men's Over 65 Plate8 DrawRobert Lathbury bt Terence Norman3-1 (15/12, 11/15, 15/9, 15/11)
Men's Over 70 Plate4 DrawJohn Robertson bt Leo Kingston3-0 (15/12, 15/10, 15/11)
Men's Over 75 Plate4 DrawBev Boag bt John Blurton3-0 (15/10, 15/12, 15/10)
Women's Over 35 Plate4 DrawGemma Barber bt Lexi Panteli3-1 (11/6, 10/12, 11/4m 11/8)
Women's Over 40 Plate4 DrawKate Bradshaw bt Saoirse O'Sullivan 3-2 (9/11, 11/6, 4/11, 11/9, 11/2)
Women's Over 45 PlateFinal OnlyLinda Pritchard bt Alex King3-1 (9/11, 11/4, 11/7, 11/5)
Women's Over 50 PlateFinal OnlyBev Vatcher bt Kay FallowsKay Fallows withdrew illness
Women's Over 55 Plate8 DrawSheila Blake bt Jackie Gregory3-2 (15/7, 8/15, 15/12, 14/16, 15/10)
Women's Over 60 Plate3 Pool1st Lynne Davies; 2nd Eunice Bond Pool
Daily Reports 

Day 1 - Wednesday 13th February

The Masters Championships opened at Nottingham Squash Club with an entry of 275 players well spread amongst the age groups from over 35 to 80 in the men’s, and 35 to 70 in the women’s. England Squash Masters were again the event organisers with the irreplaceable Brian Brock in the tournament office.

The event kicked off with the Men’s 60s and 65s who had full 32 draws. The seeded players all emerged unscathed but there was a fine win for Ripley Oyler (Berks) who overcame Dave Stones of Lincs. in four and a close call for the former England Captain Stuart Hardy (Middx) who edged past Scotland International Keith Gristwood in five.
In the 65s John Pearson (Derbys) held his nerve to get past Terry Norman (Som) in five as did Jez Horrocks of Merseyside against Roger More (Wks). and Edward Winter (Yks) took five games to beat Durham’s Tony Pensom.
The Men’s 55s followed the same pattern with the higher rated players proving their class.

Gary Raw(Herts) was given problems by Ian Portas on Lincs. but survived two games in setting to win 3/0. There are some tasty match-ups tomorrow and some close matches are forecast. The top eight seeds in the 50s were given byes and for the pleasure of playing them there were some competitive matches. Andy Cross (DCL) has won two British Opens and a Nationals at over 45, but was not in the top eight seeds here. He had a talented opponent in Wales no. 1 Nick Jones and Cross came through 3/1. The tie of the round was Peter Lonsdale (DCL) and Scotland’s Craig Mitchell. Lonsdale went two up and appeared on top but the Scot roared back to level at two all. Lonsdale proved the fitter, however and clinched it in the fifth.

Adam Talbot (Notts) won through in five games against Jez Gowers-Cromie (Leics) in the Men’s 40s while County teammate Anthony Corbett won a tight match against Antonio Petronzio (Knt) to earn a match with top seed and defending Champion Jamie Goodrich.

There were a few matches in the 35s and Haroon Rashid (Wks) played a good match to beat Paul Norton 3/1, while Billy Hawkes of Yorkshire earned himself a match against former World no. 2 and double handed legend Peter Marshall, the top seed. Hawes beat Mark Camden-Howard (CNL) 3/1.

So the tournament is well under way and all the big names will be in action tomorrow. There is some fantastic squash to look forward to and no doubt some fabulous victories and tragic defeats before the National Champions are crowned on Sunday.

Spectators are welcome at Nottingham Squash Club and entry is free of charge.

Day 2 - Thursday 14th February

Where Day 1 at Nottingham ran to form, there were a series of narrow escapes and thrilling finishes in Day 2.

In the Men’s 65s Geoff Walton (CHS) was the first 5/8 seed to fall, 16/14 in the fifth to Richard Whitehouse (SFD). British Open Champion Ian Holmes (NHM) fell 2/1 behind to Devon’s Steve Morrall but edged the fourth 15/13 and then the fifth. Paul Reader (HPH) escaped 15/13 in the fifth with a mixture of winners and tins against Jez Horrocks (MSY).

Joe Richardson (BRK) took three tight games against former Champion Ian Graham of Sussex, another 5/8 seed, while almost the biggest shock in the group came when no. 2 seed Geoff Redfern (WKS) fell two down to Edward Winter (YKS) 20/18. 17/15. Redfern recovered to two all but then fell 14/10 down in the fifth. Remarkably, Redfern reeled off six points in a row to survive.

In the 60s there was order as the seeds came through although David Kirk (OFE) 5/8 retired hurt against Simon Evenden (NHM) to join the rest of the top eight in the quarters. It was the same story in the 55s with the top eight all coming through although there were tough battles as Greg Loach (DYS) , David Box (CBA) and John Parkes (WOC) who came through in four. The closest match was Steve Calvert (NLD) against former Army star Ray Burke (LNH) going to the Northumbrian in five after a hard contested match.

The upset of the day came in the Men’s 50s as 2018 Champion and no. 1 seed David Youngs (NFK) squandered a lead in the fourth and three match balls in the fifth to go down to the powerful and hard hitting Duane Harrison (KNT). The rest of the eight seeded players took their places in the quarters.

The Men’s over 70s started today and the seeds all came through. A regular Masters Champion Phil Ayton (SSX) has a tricky match against Larry Grover of Guernsey while British Open Champion Howard Cherlin (MDX) should be tested by Open finalist Aubrey Waddy (BUX). Defending Champion Barry Featherstone (HPH) faces Scotland’s Alex Sinclair.

The Women’s draws also commenced with the over 55s. The top two seeds Mandy Akin of Kent and Scotland’s Fiona McLean look destined to continue their fierce rivalry and start their campaigns tomorrow. Meanwhile there were wins for Leslie Sturgess (DYS), Hilary Kenyon (CHS), Heather Tweedle(MSY) and Susan Pynegar (NOT).

In the Men’s over 45 the defending Champion, Nick Staunton (WKS) and Ireland had a tough match with Thomas Ison (SFK) before taking it in four and now meets Jonathan Gallagher(DVN), the Leicester pro. Another anticipated match up is Jonathan Gliddon against no. 2 seed Nick Wall of Yorkshire who had been watching his son in the main event earlier.

Top seed and defending Champion Jamie Goodrich (NFK) cruised through to the last eight and has a tough match with Nottingham Club manager Nick Hargreaves. Adam Giles (WLT) upset the seeding after returning to squash after a stint at boxing, beating 5/8 seed Andy Corben (DOR) 3/0, and the former Wiltshire Champion earns a match with 3/4 seed Mike Potter (CHS). Second seed Matt Marshall (BUX) also progressed smoothly and now meets Mick Biggs (MDX).

The Men’s 35s is particularly interesting with former World No. 2 Peter Marshall (NOT) playing. The legendary double hander is playing two age groups down but is the top seed here. Former Champion Darren Lewis (LEC), seeded at 2 may try to have a say in that. Both men moved into the last eight as did the other seeded players.

The favourites are all moving forward in their draws and tomorrow it gets more serious with some tremendous match ups throughout the age groups. Spectators are very welcome at Nottingham Squash Club and there will be some superb squash on show.

Day 3 - Friday 15th February

Friday was Quarter Finals day for the Masters and there were some eagerly awaited matches.

The ever-inspirational over 80s were on court and the two matches went to five games. All the players are Champions multi - times in British, European and World events and it is a pleasure to see them. For the record, Pat Kirton (SRY) beat John Woodliffe (GLR) and Vincent Taylor the Canadian based Scot beat current World Masters Champion Lance Kinder (HPH). In the Men’s 75s the seeded players progressed and four time World Champion Adrian Wright (YKS) now meets Nigel Belle (KNT) while top seed Mike Clemson(YKS) plays Ken Reid (SCO) in the semi finals.

Phil Ayton (SSX) has been GB no. 1 and won a host of Masters titles but he nearly went home today. Guernsey star Larry Grover has won two Regionals this year and beaten the best in England. He went two games up but Ayton has not been a World Champion for nothing and he pulled it back to win in five. He now meets Scotland’s top seed Ian Ross. In a repeat of the British Open final Howard Cherlin (MDX) beat Aubrey Waddy (BUX) 3/2 while defending Champion and no. 2 seed Barry Featherstone (HPH) beat Scotland’s Alex Sinclair 3/1.

The 65s has been interesting so far, and continued to entertain! Judge John Goodrich, (SFK) the defending Champion had two match points against Richard Whitehouse (SFD) but lost them to lose 16/14 in the fifth. Amazingly, the second 16/14 in the fifth for Whitehouse in two days. Top seed Steve Johnson (LNC) overcame the dangerous John Howie of Scotland 3/1 and 2nd seed Geoff Redfern (WKS) overwhelmed Joe Richardson ((BKS) after his wobbly yesterday. The 60s went to form as Avon’s Jeremy Goulding, unbeaten this season powered through Tom Burton (HRF) and now meets defending Champion Allen Barwise (LNS) who beat club mate Ian Bradburn 3/1. In the other half, the silky skills of Gordon McManus (KNT) accounted for Simon Evenden (NHT) while Jon Evans the Wales no. 1 stopped Mark Cowley’s comeback from injury.

The 55s are lining up well with defending Champion Mark Woodliffe (GLS) powering through to meets Queens Club’s Alex Betts. In the other half second seed Eammon Price went down in five to Steve Calvert (NHB) who will meet Greg Loach who ended Darren Withey’s run.

The Men’s 50s continues to confuse. After beating the top seed Duane Harrison (KNT) went down to Stuart Milton( BKS) who will now meet Phil Yerby (BUX) who put out Hampshire’s Steve McLoughlin, a former National and Open Champion. Matthew Oxley of Notts looks dangerous in the other half beating Rick Weatherall 3/0 and will now face multiple Champion Yawar Abbas (DCL) in a semi. The 45s will see a new champion as Nick Staunton (WKS) went down in five to Jonathan Gallagher (DVN). He now faces top seed Mike McLaughlin (MDX), while county colleague Paul Boyle faces Jonathan Gliddon (DVN) who stunned second seed Nick Wall (YKS).

Jamie Goodrich (NFK) continued through the 40s at the expense of Nick Hargreaves ((NOT) and will play Scotland no. 1 Stuart Ayton. The talented Matt Marshall (BUX) takes on Wiltshire star Adam Giles who has removed a 5/8 seed and then a 3/4 seed in the form of Mike Potter (CHS). Double handed legend Peter Marshall (NOT) continued his charge in the Men’s over 35 demolishing Keith Timms (HFD) but in the other half Darren Lewis (LEC) threatens and meets Surrey’s Phil Nightingale in the semis.

To the Women’s events. There were wins for Rebecca Czuczman (KNT) and Sheelagh Shane-Carter( LEC) in the 65s and in the 60s a World Class draw pits British Open Champion Sian Johnson of Wales against former World Champion Karen Hume (KNT), while double World Champion Julie Field (YKS) meets current World Champion Jill Campion (MDX).
Great squash in store!

The top four in the 55s came through and Mandy Akin (KNT) will play Lesley Sturgess (DBY) who had a tough match with Avon’s Pippa Green. In the other half second seed Fiona McLean of Scotland is looking to reach the final at the expense of Hilary Kenyon of Cheshire. The Akin / McLean rivalry has produced some of the most competitive matches in the Masters events. The 50s has been predictable so far with the top four reaching the semis. Rachel Woolford (WKS)the defending Champion will play second seed Nikki Fowler (CHS) while top seed Andrea Santamaria (YKS) will take on Wales no. 1 Helen Barnard for a place in the final.

The 3/4 seeds in the Women’s 45s had tight matches but both got through. Isabelle Tweedle (SRY) a former European Champion now plays top seed Rachel Woodward (NOT) while Sam Mueller (BUX) meets Rachel Calver ( LEC) in semi finals. In the 40s Nicki Green (NOR) upset the seedings taking out Kate Bradshaw (CBE) and now meets British and European Champion Keeley Johnson in the semis. The 35s saw the top seeds all arrive in the semi finals but the favourite is former World Ranked star Lauren Briggs (ESX) the British and European Champion.

The semis will provide some great squash and spectators are welcome at Nottingham Squash Club to view some World Class Masters Squash.

Day 4 - Saturday 16th February

The tournament gets to the “business end” with the Semi Finals.

The Elder Statesmen of the Men’s over 80s continued with Canadian Scot Vince Taylor comfortably beating many time Champion Pat Kirton (SRY) 3/0 while perennial opponents Lance Kinder (HPH) and John Woodliffe (GLR) had another five game match, this one going to World Champion, Kinder. The not so elder 75s saw the top seeds Mike Clemson and Adrian Wright, both of Yorkshire get through. Clemson having a real battle with Ken Reid (SCO) winning the first two 17/15. 19/17. before taking the third. Wright had an easier time with Nigel Belle (KNT).

Former England No. 1 Phil Ayton (SSX) had a stern test from the Scotland No. 1 seed Ian Ross who took the first 18/16. Ayton reeled him in however, taking control and the next three. Open Champion Howard Cherlin (MDX) took on defending Champion Barry Featherstone (HPH) in the other semi. Featherstone led 14/9 in the first but Merlin Cherlin conjured some magic and took it 16/14. At 10/11 in the second Featherstone twisted his knee and had to concede. It was a shame as it was becoming a good tussle. With all the ups and downs of the Men’s 65s the semis were pretty straightforward affairs. Steve Johnson (LNH) ended Richard Whitehouse’s run while second seed Geoff Redfern (WKS) put Open Champion Ian Holmes (NHM) to the sword, also in straight games.

There was a shock in the Men’s 60s when Defending Champion Allen Barwise (LNH) beat British Open Champion Jeremy Goulding (AVN) 3/1, ending a season long winning streak. No. 2 seed Jon Evans (WAL) proved too mobile for Gordon McManus (KNT) and is looking to add to his 55 National title. Open and National Champion Mark Woodliffe is rarely threatened but Alex Betts (MDX) gave him a good test before going down 3/1. Meanwhile, Greg Loach (DYS) reached the final for the second year by beating Steve Calvert (NLD) 3/1.

The semis of the 50s were both thrillers. Phil Yerby held off two match points in the fifth against Stuart Milton (BRK) before taking it 12/10 while home favourite Matthew Oxley(NOT) squeezed home in a thriller against former Champion Yawar Abbas (DCL) 11/9 in the fifth. Two very high quality matches. The 45s had Jonathan Gallagher (DVN) remove top seed Michael McLaughlin (MDX) coming back from 1/2 down to win in five. The Leicester pro. looking to add to his European titles already won this season. Meanwhile, Paul Boyle (BUX) stayed ahead of the powerful hitting of Jonathan Gliddon (DVN) to take his place in the final with a straight games win.

The evergreen Jamie Goodrich (NFK) playing down an age group in the 40s played very controlled squash to contain Stuart Ayton (SCO) and reach the final with a straight games win. His opponent will be second seed Matt Marshall (BUX) who skilfully contained the power of the giant killing Adam Giles (WLT) to win in four. The Men’s 35s Final will be contested by top seed Peter Marshall (NOT) - the former World No. 2 overpowering Martin Gibson (LCN) with his uncompromising double handed style. He plays Surrey pro Phil Nightingale in the final after second seed Darren Lewis (LEC) pulled a muscle when 2/1 up and compromised, went down in five.

In the Women’s 60s defending National Champion Sian Johnson (WAL) lost to 2016 World Champion Karen Hume (KNT) while current World title holder Jill Campion (MDX) had a terrific battle with four times World Champion Julie Field (YKS) emerging the winner 15/13 in the fifth. The Women’s 55 had an inevitability about it. The best two women in the UK would again battle for the prize and Mandy Akin (KNT) will play her arch-rival Fiona McLean (SCO) after they beat Lesley Sturgess (DBY) and Hilary Kenyon (CHS) respectively. Kenyon took the first 18/16 but after that it was all McLean.

The 2018 Champion Rachel Woolford (WKS) went out to Nikki Fowler (CHS) in one semi, 3/1 while top seed Andrea Santamaria (YKS) out-rallied Wales no. 1 Helen Barnard. The 45s will be a battle of the Rachels. Rachel Woodford (NOT) had a tough match with former European Champion Isabelle Tweedle (SRY) who very nearly went two up, while Rachel Calver (LEC) was too strong for Sam Mueller (BUX).

The Women’s over 40s Keeley Johnson (KNT) has been dominant winning National, British Open and European titles. But she ran onto a very in form Nicky Green (NOR) who clinched a tight fourth 14/12 to earn her final place. There she will meet Natalie Townsend (WKS) who today had the measure of second seed Vix Smith (SRY). In the 35s the dominant force is Lauren Briggs (ESX) a former World top twenty player who makes a habit of winning the big titles. She beat county compatriot Sarah Jane Neller while the other semi was a great match with no. 2 seed Ria Kennerly (SFD) just getting home 11/9 in the fifth against Anna Vaughan-Hawkins of Wales.

So, some superb semi finals. Some predicted and some upsets, which is what makes sport so compelling. Tomorrow there will be new National Champions crowned and there will be triumph and disappointment. Spectators are welcome at Nottingham Squash Club to watch a feast of Squash from 10.30 am. Sunday.

Day 5 - Sunday 17th February

It has all been leading up to this. Some tired and in some cases very tired bodies. But some of the best Masters Squash players in the country do battle in the Finals for the accolade of being crowned “National Champion”.

Rebecca Czuczman ((KNT) from Thanet SC has a pedigree in this event winning 50s and 60s titles before. This one was her sixth as she overpowered Sheelagh Shane-Carter (LEC) in straight games to take the Women’s 65 title. Bett Dryhurst (WRC) has a legendary record and she won her 8th National title here to go with 9 British Opens. She took the 70s with a clinical win over June Hill (YKS) The Women’s 60s has been a classic event sprinkled with World, British Open and National Champions. The final between Karen Hume (KNT) the 2016 World Champion and Jill Campion (MDX) the 2018 World Champion. The first two games were close and shared, it was the Kent player who stuck in and played the big points the best to take a 3/1 win. Surprisingly, her first National title.

The thrills of previous encounters between Mandy Akin (KNT) and Fiona McLean (SCO)did not quite occur as Akin played beautifully to go two up and almost take the third before a spirited fight back by McLean edged the third 17/15. This is a calmer and more controlled Kent woman, however, and she reasserted herself to take the fourth. Her seventh National title.

Yorkshire star Andrea Santamaria is another with a top class record and she again showed her class with a polished performance to take the win over Nikki Fowler (CHS) and the 50 crown. 

The over 45s had a lot of local support and a packed gallery was there for Rachel Woodford (NOT) and Rachel Calver (LEC). Calver took the first and very nearly the second, losing 14/12. But after that the flow of the match changed and the Nottingham woman took charge. 3/1 to her, and a first National title. 

Nicky Green (NOR) was a junior star and now coaches. Her skills have not diminished and her semi-final win over the top seed Keeley Johnson underlined her ability. Against Natalie Lawrence (WKS) she held her nerve to win a closely contested 3/1.

Former World top 20 player Lauren Briggs (ESX) is the outstanding player in the Women’s over 35s and for the last few years there has been no one to trouble her. Ria Kennerley (SFD) plays a very good game and deserved her place in the final but had no answer to Brigg’s speed and pace. 3/0 to the Essex player.

The inspirational over 80s players concluded their round-robin event today. There have been a series of five-game matches and some excellent squash played. The current World 80s Champion Lance Kinder (HPH) came second and Canadian Scot Vincent Taylor, unbeaten, took the title. The 75s pitted to regular rivals against each other. Both from Yorkshire, Mike Clemson has been ahead recently, but Adrian Wright has not won four World Championships by not being determined. He had the upper hand today and won through in four for another title.

The Men’s over 70s also renewed an old rivalry. Phil Ayton(SSX) was National Champion in 1975 and England no. 1. Since then he has won a host of Masters events.  Howard ‘Merlin’ Cherlin (MDX) is one of the most talented shot makers around and is already British Open Champion. Their final was cut and thrust with one gaining the lead then being pulled back. In the end, Cherlin managed to edge ahead and clinch the fifth. His third National title. A great match full of skill.

The Over 65s had the two best players in the group reach the final after an adventurous draw that saw its fair share of upsets. Stephen Johnson (LNC) won the 60s two years ago and he was on top form today as he never let Geoff Redfern (WKS) in the match. A clinical display by Johnson and the title was his, 3/0. Johnson’s County colleague Allen Barwise the defending Champion was not going to let his 2018 National title go easily. After his superb performance yesterday to oust the top seed he pushed the no. 2 seed, Jon Evans (WAL) all the way. In a match full of quality Evans came through in four hard contested games to add to his 55s title of five years ago.

Mark Woodliffe (GLR) is regarded as one of the great Masters players. He has a relaxed style that is deadly efficient. Greg Loach (DBY) had played exceptionally to reach the final, as he had last year, but again, Woodliffe was just too good. Meanwhile in the over 50s Phil Yerby (BUX) took on home favourite Matthew Oxley (NOT) in front of a packed gallery. Oxley is an immensely powerful hitter and Yerby a fantastic mover. They played a wonderful match that Yerby salvaged from 1/2 down to finish the stronger in the fifth.

The Men’s 45s was one of those matches both deserved to win. Great squash played flat out and the result in doubt to the end. Paul Boyle( BUX) edged home against England team-mate Jonathan Gallagher (DVN) the Leicester pro.,winning in five. The top two seeds contested the over 40 final with Jamie Goodrich (NOR) playing down an age group.

Matt Marshall (BUX) is a talented shot maker, though, and Goodrich the defending Champion was not able to use his fitness to best use. Marshall found the winners and forced errors and ran out the winner in five. The Blue Riband event, the Men’s 35s saw the return of one of Nottingham’s favourite sons. Peter Marshall, former World no. 2, a former three-time National Champion at the open group, and now 47. Still playing superb squash and using his signature double-handed style. Phil Nightingale, the Surrey professional was good enough to beat everyone else but had no answer to Marshall. Some fantastic squash but it was all Marshall. 3/0 and another title.

It was a marvellous week of Masters Squash at Nottingham Squash Club. There were special thanks to the Sponsors AJ Bell, the Club and all the staff, the referees and Paul Millington, the President of England Squash who assisted in the presentations. A special thanks went to Mrs. Jane Bell for all her tournament assistance, but the main Thank You went to England Squash Masters Event Manager Brian Brock who delivered a superb National Championships.

Stuart Hardy
Acting Chairman

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