Karakal British Open Masters Championships 2023

Tuesday 6 June - Sunday 11 June 2023

General Info:

Registration Closed

Players who register after the registration closing date will be moved to the reserve list

Registration Closes: 6 pm Friday 19th May 2023

Event Constraints: 

- The maximum number per age group is 64
- The minimum number per age group is 4

Players may still register after these limits are reached, but impacted players will be moved to the reserve list and will only be allowed to participate if an age group player withdraws within the correct seeding range.

Scheduled Start Days

Players are only required to play one match per day in the main draw. Therefore, the draws will start depending on their size as follows:

  • 64 draw - Tuesday 6th June
  • 32 draw – Wednesday 7th June
  • 16 draw – Thursday 8th June
  • 8 draw / 4 Pool / 2 x 3 Pool with play-off – Friday 9th June

Note higher-seeded players with first-round byes in draws will start a day later.

Terms and Conditions for Players Entering the British Open Masters Championships

Click here for the guidance notes.

Prize Fund

Sponsor Prizes

Winners and runners-up in each of the Championship main age groups draws will receive a trophy and Karakal vouchers as follows:

  • Winner £120 
  • Runner-Up £60 

Prize Money

The following prize money will be awarded, subject to the conditions detailed below:

  • MO35 and WO35 - Winner £400, Runner-Up £200
  • MO40 and WO40 - Winner £300, Runner-Up £150

The prize money will only be awarded to the respective age groups in the Championship main draws detailed above if the respective group has 8 or more active players at the time the event starts.  Therefore if one of the age groups falls below 8 players when the event starts the prize money for that age group will be withdrawn.

Plate Prizes

The winners only of each plate category will be awarded a trophy.

Event Registration

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Event Posters:

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Event Posters:

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Registration Fees: This event will cost £35.00 for which you will receive:
  • a minimum of two matches.
  • a free gift from Karakal the event sponsor.
  • an event t-shirt.
Age Groups:

Men's Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
Women's Over  35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 

Note:  Ideally there must be a minimum of 4 players in an age group to create a viable age group draw.  However, in some cases, in particular, for the older age groups, the tournament director may allow a smaller draw.

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Map: Map Link
Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3532 DrawJames Snell bt Alex Phillips3-1 (6/11, 11/7, 11/6, 11/6)
Men's Over 4032 DrawPeter Marshall bt Phil Rushworth3-1 (7/11, 11/9, 15/13, 11/7)
Men's Over 4532 DrawMatt Holland bt Alistair Coker3-1 (11/5, 8/11, 11/8, 11/9)
Men's Over 5032 DrawHadrian Stiff bt Rob Staunton3-1 (5/11, 11/9, 11/6, 11/9)
Men's Over 5532 DrawStephen McLoughlin bt Jon Foster3-0 (11/7, 11/8, 11/7)
Men's Over 6064 DrawFredrik Johnson bt Eamonn Price3-0 (11/8, 11/3, 11/4)
Men's Over 6532 DrawIan Bradburn bt Gordon McManus3-2 (Gordon McManus retired injured)
Men's Over 7016 DrawTerry Belshaw bt Ian Graham3-1 (10/12, 11/9, 11/9, 11/7)
Men's Over 7516 DrawIan Ross bt Barry Featherstone3-1 (11/5, 11/13, 14/12, 11/5)
Men's Over 802x3 Pool Gerald Poulton bt Anthony Clifford3-2 (8/11, 11/9, 7/11, 11/3, 11/2)
Women's Over 354 Pool1st Heather Joy; 2nd Emmeline GalePool
Women's Over 402x3 Pool Natalie Lawrence bt Regina Borromeo3-0 (13/11, 11/7, 11/8)
Women's Over 4516 DrawCatherine Ruffle bt Louisa Dalwood3-0 (11/6, 12/10, 11/8)
Women's Over 5016 DrawKaren Meakins bt Linda Pritchard3-0 (11/5, 11/4, 11/9)
Women's Over 554 Pool1st Rose Bamber; 2nd Helen BarnardPool
Women's Over 608 DrawMandy Akin bt Lesley Sturgess3-0 (11/6, 11/9, 11/6)
Women's Over 658 DrawKaren Hume bt Jill Campion3-0 (11/5, 12/10, 11/7)
Women's Over 703 Pool1st Ann Manley; 2nd Catherine WoodhartPool
Men's Over 35 Plate 14 DrawIsaac Bull bt Deon Chorley3-0 (11/4, 11/5, 11/3)
Men's Over 40 Plate 13 Pool1st Jaakko-Antti Peltola; 2nd Nathan Miller Pool
Men's Over 45 Plate 18 DrawPaul Frost bt Andy Duckworth 3-1 (11/4, 11/6, 6/11, 11/6)
Men's Over 50 Plate 13 Pool1st Claudio D'Angelo; 2nd Jason SmithPool
Men's Over 55 Plate 116 DrawIan Fenner-Evans bt Tim Smith3-2 (7/11, 11/2, 11/8, 5/11, 16/14)
Men's Over 60 Plate 116 DrawSteve O'Neill bt Nick Peel3-0 (11/8, 11/6, 11/9)
Men's Over 65 Plate 18 DrawRichard Kellagher bt David Clarke3-0 (11/7, 11/2, 11/9)
Men's Over 70 Plate 14 DrawAndrew Edmondson bt Derek Wright 3-0 (11/7, 11/5, 11/6)
Men's Over 75 Plate 18 DrawKen Reid bt Geoff Howes3-2 (11/6, 11/6, 8/11, 5/11, 11/7)
Women's Over 45 Plate 1Final OnlyKate Smith bt Joanne Sutherland 3-0 (11/8, 11/7, 11/7)
Women's Over 50 Plate 1Final OnlyJeanette White bt Alison Goy3-0 (11/7, 11/5, 11/9)
Women's Over 45 Plate 2Final OnlyCaroline Hazlewood bt Kristy Watson3-2 (5/11, 11/7, 12/10, 6/11, 11/8)
Men's Over 35 Plate 2Final OnlyGurbhaj Kahlon bt Chris Wood 3-0 (11/7, 11/4, 11/7)
Men's Over 40 Plate 24 DrawWayne Beglan bt Andrew Long3-2 (3/11, 11/8, 11/6, 10/12, 11/7)
Men's Over 50 Plate 23 Pool1st Chris Lynam; 2nd Ashley Sandyford-SykesPool
Men's Over 55 Plate 2Final OnlyPeter Lonsdale bt David Weston 3-1 (11/9, 11/9, 3/11, 11/7)
Men's Over 60 Plate 24 DrawLluis Suarez bt Andy Hall3-0 (11/5, 11/6, 11/4)
Men's Over 65 Plate 28 DrawAlistair Lloyd bt John Petruschke 3-0 (11/5, 11/3, 11/8)
Men's Over 75 Plate 2Final OnlyJames Dubois bt Robert Smith 3-1 (11/7, 4/11, 11/8, 12/10)
Day 1 – Wednesday 7th June 2023

The Karakal British Open Masters 2023 commenced at Colets Health Club in Surrey with the largest draws all getting underway and in some cases players having two matches in a day.

In the Men’s 65s there were a number of very close matches with John Petruschke (BRK) getting through 12-10 in the fifth against Keith Ragg (HFD) and the same score for Dilwyn Rosser (WRK) who saved two match balls before getting through against Richard Kellagher (OXE). There was another five game win for Rob Ballingall (BUX) who had a tremendous tussle with Adrian Lindfield (SFK). The upset of the round was the win for Scotland International Clark Adam who playing very well took the first two games from former World Champion Peter Alexander (LNH) who is returning after several years out of the game. Alexander took the third but Adam stuck to his task and was ahead when Alexander pulled a hamstring and had to retire.

The Men’s 60s got underway and David Harris (LCN) edged home 12-10 in the fourth against former Wiltshire Champion Mark Skull but many time Dorset Champion Martin Greenslade made short work of his first round as did Steve O’Neill. In a local derby match Andy Hall of Colets scraped through 11-9 in the fifth against Woking’s Adrian Hayward while the seeded Mark Sealy of Barbados, John Parkes (WOC), Luis Suarez (Andorra), Eamonn Price (HFD) and Darren Withey (BUX) all powered through in straight games. Masters legend Freddie Johnson of Sweden also began his campaign in the new age group looking for his eighth British Open title having notched up wins in every age group from 35s onwards. He was too good for David Harris (LCN) and progresses.

In the Men’s 55s former England player Marc Aldridge (SRY) proved too good for Wales International Cavan O’Driscoll and Ray Burke (YKS), Alex Betts (MDX), David Youngs (NOR) and Nigel Rowe (WLT) all booked their second round spots. The closest tie of the round was David Weston’s 3-2 win over Camron Malik (SSX) the latter having had a match ball in the fourth but going down in five.

England International Steve Rogers won through to the next round of the Men’s 50s against Craig Webb as did Stuart Wylie who beat Italy’s Claudio D’Angelo 12-10 in the fourth. The Irish brothers Nick and Rob Staunton went through without too much trouble as did England player Jeremy Krzystyniak of Surrey.

In a very high quality Men’s O45s match Mick Biggs (MDX) overcame Chris Dawson (SRY) in four well contested games. Domagoj Spoljar of Croatia, Adam Giles (WLT) and Nick Hargreaves (NOT) all moved painlessly into the next round. Another England player in Alistair Coker (HFD]) took his place in the next round with former England players Ben Hutton (SSX) and Mike McLaughlin (MDX). Paul Warner (BUX) needed five games to get past Andy Duckworth (HFD) coming from 2-0 down to win in five close games. England team player Jolyon Head (KNT) also took his place in the next round as did Wiltshire’s Julian Beckett.

With home Club advantage Stuart Junor (SRY) defeated Robert Dale (SRY) in straight games after a 13-11 first in the Men’s O40s. Robert Cameron (SRY) came back from dropping the first to beat Damien May (DOR) 3-1 and John Betts (SRY) got the better of David Newman (SRY). Andrew Long (MDX) and Henry Prideaux (SRY) also notched up some good wins to go onto the second round.

Men’s O35s. Surrey Champion and a former winner here, Phil Nightingale (SRY) had to produce some fine squash to overcome Isaac Bull (SSX) in four. The ever entertaining Gbenga Adeyi (BFD), another England player this season, produced a masterclass of movement and deception to bamboozle a strong player in James Machin (SRY). Paul Cousins (HFD) played one of the longest matches of the day and recovered from 2-1 down to win an attritional five setter.

There will be some great squash tomorrow with all the top seeds coming into the fray and a full day of competitive and top quality Masters Squash.

Day 2 – Thursday 8th June 2023

Men’s O75s. This group got underway with wins for Robert Smith (KNT), former World Champion Chris Ansell (BRK), Jose Carnero (BRK) who beat Scotland’s Ken Reid in four competitive games and Dave Bissett (DOR) who beat David Grant of Wales. The top seeds National Champion Barry Featherstone and former Champion Ian Ross of Scotland enter the fray tomorrow.

Men’s O70s. There was a nail biter with Clive Morgan of Wales edging past Sam Balsdon (DVN) 12-10 in the fifth after Balsdon saved the match in the fourth 13-11. England Captain Paul Reader (HPH) opened his account with a straight game win over Terry Norman (SOM) while Geoff Walton (CHS) beat South African Chris Hughes. Tony Pensom (DCL) beat another Welshman in Derek Wright and Larry Grover (HPH) came through in five against Andrew Edmondson (LCN).

Men’s O65s. Top seed Jan Zimdahl of Sweden made short work of Rob Ballingall (BUX) and Robert Warner (OFE) eased through against Ripley Oyler (BRK) in four using a fast boast to good effect. Ian Bradburn (LNH) and David Stones (LCN) both were fairly comfortable and now meet in a quarter final but No 2 seed Stuart Hardy (WLT) played an erratic match against Dilwyn Rosser (WRK) going 2-1 down before taking control and winning the last two. He now meets Mohammad Zaman (BFD) who proved to have too much control for Julian Craxton (HFD).

Men’s O60s. No 1 seed fast Freddie Johnson of Sweden powered on through as did the other seeded players in this draw John Parkes (WOC), Nigel Bacon (ESX) and Steve Calvert (NLD) and Wales star Gary Hales all reaching their allotted places while second seed and former Champion Eamonn Price (HFD) looked ominously good in his match. Darren Withey (BUX) had a terrific struggle against Lluis Suarez of Andorra who has been winning regularly on the European circuit winning in five.

Men’s O55s. Again the top seeds prevailed in this draw and Simon Spencer (NOT) overcoming the tricky Peter Lonsdale (DCL) in four and Nigel Rowe (WLT) coming out the better of a five game match with Steve Dodridge (BRK). David Youngs (NOR), Sam Hanbury (SSX) and Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) won through safely while the top seeds in the bottom half of the draw Steve McLoughlin (HPH) and Alex Betts (MDX) came through in good three game wins. Top seed Jon Foster (HPH) and previous National Champion eased through in three competitive games against Shailendra Kumar (SRY).

Men’s O50s. Former World Pro and now elite coach Hadrian Stiff (DVN) gave a masterclass against Wiltshire’s Julian Beckett. The other seeds in the top half also went through with Yorkshire’s Matt Stephenson due to meet Stiff in a quarter final and former Open Champion from the USA due to meet Paul Boyle (BUX). In the bottom half of the draw Richard Chin of the USA showed some classy squash before dropping the third game but reasserted himself to take the fourth. Irish star and former Champion Nick Staunton had a tough battle with Isle of Wight’s Adam Dominey before getting home 14-12 in the fourth. Jamie Goodrich (NOR) won 3-0 but each game was very tight 9, 10, 10.

Men’s O45s. National Champion Matt Holland (HPH) is playing at his home club and eased through the round to meet an old rival in Mick Biggs (MDX) who beat him last season. Ben Hutton (SSX), Michael McLaughlin (MDX) and James Greenhead (SRY) all had straightforward wins as did second seed Tim Burrell (BRK) but the match of the round was Nick Freer (MDX) squeezing home against Dom Spoljar the Croatian Champion from 2-0 down to win 11-9 in the fifth in nearly an hour.

Men’s O40s. In his prime Peter Marshall was world No 2 and British Champion. Still playing at an awesome level he showed his class with a straight games win over Mark Wheeler (SSX). He is seeded to meet another former highly ranked pro in the form of Scott Handley (OXE) who won through 3-1 against John Betts (SRY). England Captain Steven Davies (BFD) won a close 3-1 taking the fourth 14-12 much to his relief. Second seed the Wimbledon pro Phil Rushworth also put his talents on display with a win over Henry Prideaux (SRY) in straight games. Charlie McCall (MDX) had a good tussle with Ayman Massoud of Egypt but took his place in the quarters with a four game win as did England player Tony Webb (SRY) who came from one down to beat local favourite Stuart Junor (SRY) 13-11 in the fourth. Antony Savage (ESX) also had a great match with Andrew Long (.. who saved the fourth 12-10 but went down to the seeded Savage 12-10 in the fifth.

Men’s O35s. Winchester professional Alex Phillips is the No 1 seed here and he played the very talented Jonny Powell (KNT) who put great pace on the ball and had a fantastic array of shots. He took the first 11-9 and nearly the second that he lost 13-11 but then it was all over as Phillips smoothly went through the gears and finished it off. John Welton (AVN) beat Gurbhaj Kahlon (BRK) in straight games and Jamie Douglas (DCL) won in four hard fought games that hinged on a 12-10 third against newcomer Ryan Atherton of Wigan. Phil Nightingale the Surrey Champion and former Open winner came through in four games against James Varrie (OFE) but the match of the day saw an incredible contest between Gbenga Adeyi (BFD) and David Palmer (DVN) that saw the most wonderful display of hitting and mobility. Every shot in the book was played and it was a shame that a match played in such great spirit should have a loser but it was Palmer that got through.

Women’s O50s. This group got under way today and Izzy Bramhall (NOT) beat Wendy Hiscox (LDN) in straight games while Catherine Monday (SRY) had a great five set win over England player Alison Goy (NOT).

Women’s O45s. Only two matches in this group today with the seeds coming into play tomorrow. Libby Montgomery (HFD) showed some fine form winning a competitive 3-0 over Kate Smith (YKS). Ali Hewitt (NHM) was just a bit too good for Surrey’s Joanne Sutherland and managed to keep ahead to win in straight games.

The competition is only going to get fiercer as the seeded players are going to collide in the quarter finals. Some great matches in store through all the age groups and play starts at Colets from 10.00am on Friday.

Day 3 – Friday 9th June 2023. Quarter Finals Day.

Men’s O80s. Gerald Poulton of Canada has played here before and the North American Champion is always the man to beat. He proved to be too good for fellow North American Lior Grinberg in straight games. Anthony Clifford (HFD) is a former England player and a redoubtable competitor. He had far too much for Kent’s Nigel Belle running out a winner in three straight games.

Men’s O75s. National Champion Barry Featherstone (HPH) got his campaign underway against Robert Smith (KNT) who gave the champion a few problems but eventually succumbed 3-1. Meanwhile former World Masters Champion Chris Ansell (BRK) disposed of the 2022 National Champion James Dubois (SRY) who is returning from injury. Second seed and former Open Champion Ian Ross (SCO) disposed of Dave Bissett (DOR) and the semis are made up with Aubrey Waddy (BUX) himself a former National Champion who had a real battle with Jose Carnero (BRK) getting through 12-10 in the fifth.

Men’s O70s. Another National Champion in Terry Belshaw (CBA) was in great form and disposed of Paul Reader (HPH) his England Captain in straight games. Meanwhile Ian Graham (SSX) had a comfortable win over Larry Grover (HPH) and Geoff Redfern (WKS) overcame Wales International Clive Morgan in straight games. There was an upset however when Tony Pensom (DCL) defeated Geoff Walton (CHS) in five very competitive games.

Men’s O65s. Jan Zimdhal of Sweden was top seed here and looked to be progressing at 2-1 up against the talented Gordon McManus (KNT) but seemed to lose his way and McManus with deft drops and clever angles swept through the fourth and fifth games. He will meet Paul Eakins (SRY) who is having a great tournament and he managed to overcome fourth seed Robert Warner (OFE) by pinching the fourth 13-11 and the fifth 14-12 in a real thriller of a match. Ian Bradburn (LNH) a former Open Champion himself proved he still has too much court craft for the very fit David Stones (LNC) and won in three close games. Stuart Hardy (WLT) was the No 2 seed but came unstuck against new man in the age group Mohammad Zaman (BFD). Hardy had his chances to level in the second but didn’t, won the third but Zaman proved too strong in the fourth.

Men’s O60s. Freddie Johnson the eight time British Open Champion again showed sheer class beating Gary Hales of Wales in straight games in a display of speed and power. Mark Sealy of Barbados also came through against the powerful Steve Calvert (NCL) in straight games although the second went to 17-15. Former Open Champion John Parkes edged home against Darren Withey (BUX) 12-10 in the fourth and another former Champion Eamonn Price (HFD) booked his place in the semi finals with a 3-0 win over Nigel Bacon (ESX).

Men’s O55s. Top seed and former Champion Jon Foster (HPH) had an unfortunate walkover when Dave Youngs (NOR) had to withdraw injured and he will face Nigel Rowe (WLT) who in his first Masters outing played superbly to beat Simon Spencer (NOT) 3-2. In the other half Alex Betts (MDX) even at the end of the age group put in a solid display to beat Sam Hanbury (SSX) 3-0 and he will face second seed Stephen McLoughlin (HPH) who had a tremendous battle with Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) and had to come back from 2-0 down before outrunning his opponent and booking his semi final place.

Men’s O50s. Top seed Hadrian Stiff (AVN) again showed his class taking out a very fine player with some ease, beating Matt Stephenson (YKS) in straight games although Stephenson had his chances in the 13-11 first. There was a battle royale between National Champion Paul Boyle and American Champion John Musto, a former winner here, which always looked like it was going to the wire. So it proved but it was Boyle who prevailed in a fantastic contest 11-9 in the fifth. Another American Richard Chin was the second seed here but had to contend with the uncanny skills of another Open Champion in Nick Staunton of Ireland. Staunton survived a 10-12 fourth where he almost had the match and took the fifth to book his semi final place. Here he will play his brother Rob who beat Jamie Goodrich (NOR) in straight games. A match between the twins is always full of fireworks.

Men’s O45s. Former British Open and current National Champion is top seed here and playing at his home club. In his quarter he took on an old rival in Mick Biggs (MDX). Their matches are always competitive and this was no exception but as on most occasions it was Holland’s class that came through in four good games. Sussex squash pro Ben Hutton again put on a display of controlled squash to tame the ferocious hitting of Nick Freer (MDX) who was probably feeling the affects of a marathon yesterday but Hutton moves on with a 3-0 win. Alistair Coker (HFD) had a very competitive match with Paul Warner (BUX) and went 2-1 down before storming back 11-1 in the fourth and in a tight fifth Coker grabbed the initiative and the match. To keep things even second seed Tim Burrell (BRK) also had a five game battle with James Greenhead (SRY) going 2-0 down before pinching the third 11-9 and then running out in five.

Men’s O40s.  A former Colets Club Captain Scott Handley (OXE) was very at home at the club and produced a very professional performance against England player Tony Webb (SRY) keeping him at bay and taking his quarter final in straight games where he will earn a semi final with former World No 2 Peter Marshall (LEC) who showed the class that got him to be the second best player in the world at pro squash. No 2 seed Phil Rushworth (SRY) again proved too accomplished for his opponent giving Charlie McCall (MDX) very little to hit and few opportunities to attack. A solid 3-0 for the Wimbledon pro. In the semi final he will meet Ross Gore (OFE) who overcame Antony Savage (ESX) the National runner up in four games but Savage had a game ball to level the match in the fourth before going down 13-11.

Men’s O35s. Top seed Alex Phillips the Winchester professional is looking in awesome form and hitting crisply and moving superbly. Jamie Douglas (NLD) gave it his all and almost got the second but Phillips just showed his class and ran out a straight games winner. Phillips will now meet John Welton (AVN) in his semi final after he came through an absolute thriller with Gareth Naidoo of South Africa the 3/4 seed. It was always close with both players showing fantastic court movement and striking. Welton had three match balls before converting the fifth game 13-11 in over an hour. In the bottom half James Snell (DVN) the No 2 seed played a good friend and regular sparring partner in David Palmer (DVN). It usually goes Snell’s way and this occasion was no different as he always had the edge and won through 3-0 in 30 minutes. Snell will meet Daniel West (SSX) who was on fire for two games against former Open Champion Phil Nightingale (SRY) but the Surrey man struck back in the third and in a fiercely contested fourth West managed to get ahead and stay there.

Women’s O65s. Wales Multi International player Lynne Davies had a seesaw match with Ireland International Maureen Duke. A terrific battle with five very competitive games full of lovely squash that went to Davies in the end.

Women’s O60s. Wendy Norris of Wales started with a win proving a little too steady for Lesley Simms (SRY) winning in four games.

Women’s O50s. Karen Meakins of Barbados is over for another crack at the coveted British Open and started very positively beating England player Jillian Lilico (HFD) in straight games. Lisa May (MDX) made a welcome return to Masters Squash and proved that she is still a formidable player overcoming GB Rackethon Star Izzy Bramhall (NOT) in four games. British National Champion Linda Pritchard (SPE) played a fine controlling match and eased through in three straight games against Catherine Monday (SRY). Meanwhile there was a terrific match between another England player Vivienne Berkemer (BRK) and Colets player Jeanette White (SRY). White looked to be in control at 2-1 and 7-4 up but Berkemer used all her experience to power through the fourth 11-9 and then take the fifth.

Women’s O45s. National Champion Christine McMullen (MSY) opened her account with a solid 3-0 win over Kristy Watson (DCL). It was 3-0 but two of the games went to 9-11 but if one had gone the other way it could have affected the result greatly. Another England player Louisa Dalwood (HFD) had a five game battle with Scotland’s Katie Temple and had to come from 2-1 down to win in five.

Women’s O40s. National Champion Natalie Townsend (WKS) is renown for long matches and this was no exception playing Scottish International Mhairi Gritz. She looked set at 2-0 up but dropped the third, lost the fourth 12-10 but eventually squeezed through 16-14 in a tremendously exciting match. Regina Borromeo of the Philippines opened her account with a hard fought 3-1 against Debbie Locke (WKS) and after losing the first game took the next three winning 11-9 in the fourth.

Saturday is semi finals day and the much coveted British Open Final awaits the winners. More great Masters Squash of world class level at Colets from 10.00am. Spectators are welcome.

Day 4 – Saturday 10th June 2023. Semi-Finals Day

Women’s O70s
Ann Manley (AVN) v Catherine Woodhart (CHS)
Catherine Woodhart (CHS) v Barbara Sanderson (ESX)

This group is being played in a round robin format and many time champion Ann Manley (AVN) proved to be the player to beat as she recorded a solid 3-0 win over Catherine Woodhart (CHS). Catherine Woodhart (CHS) got back to winning ways in her second match by beating Barbara Sanderson from Ireland in straight games.

Women’s O65s
Jill Campion (WAL) v Maureen Duke (IRL)
Karen Hume (KNT) v Pauline Douglas (SCO)

In a group with three World Masters Champions there was always going to be some fierce competition. Jill Campion of Wales notched up the win against Irish International Maureen Duke to book her final slot and current World Champion Karen Hume (KNT) got through against Scotland’s Pauline Douglas leading 2-1 Douglas had to retire with an injury. An interesting final against two of the top players in the world in this group.

Women’s O60s
Mandy Akin (KNT) v Wendy Norris (WAL)
Lesley Sturgess (DYS) v Kim Ricks (SRY)

Current World Masters Champion Mandy Akin (KNT) was in great form as she defeated Wendy Norris of Wales in straight sets. The other semi-final was more competitive with England regular Lesley Sturgess (DYS) getting the better of Colets home player Kim Ricks (SRY) in a very close 3-1 that could have gone either way.

Women’s O55s
Helen Barnard (WAL) v Kim Sadler (SOM)
Rose Bamber (AVN) v Colette Webster (SRY)
Helen Barnard (WAL) v Colette Webster (SRY)
Rose Bamber (AVN) v Kim Sadler (SOM)

Another group played as a round robin and the top two players National Champion Rose Bamber (AVN) and Helen Barnard of Wales progressed serenely with straight game wins over Kim Sadler (SOM) and Colette Webster (SRY) respectively. The final match in the group will be the final with the Wales and England No 1s facing off in a rematch of the International that was won by Helen.

Women’s O50s
Karen Meakins (BRB) v Lisa May (MDX)
Vivienne Berkemer (BRK) v Linda Pritchard (SPE)

Karen Meakins from Barbados is top seed and looking to take the British Open. She showed her class against fine player in Lisa May (MDX) who has made a welcome return to the Masters scene. A really close first two games went to Meakins 11-9, 14-12 and that proved decisive as she powered through the third. Linda Pritchard (SPE) the British National Champion looked to be comfortable against Vivienne Berkemer (BRK) for two games but the spirited fight back took the game into extra time and Pritchard closed it out 13-11.

Women’s O45s
Catherine Ruffle (KNT) v Ali Hewitt (NHM)
Louisa Dalwood (HFD) v Christine McMullen (MSY)

Catherine Ruffle (KNT) was in decisive form as she took on Ali Hewitt (NHM) in one semi. A close first game that went point for point went to Ruffle 11-9 but the pace proved too much for Hewitt and Ruffle stormed through 3-0. Louisa Dalwood (HFD) had a poor start but edged the second 12-10 to stay in the match and went 2-1 up before McMullen with a flurry of great shots took the fourth. Dalwood imposed herself in the fifth and with the help of a couple of errors won through in five to book her place in the final.

Women’s O40s
Natalie Lawrence (SOM) v Natalie Townsend (WKS)
Gemma Barber (DOR) v Debbie Locke (WKS)
Natalie Lawrence (SOM) v Mhairi Gritz (SCO)
Gemma Barber (DOR) v Regina Borromeo (PHL)

Natalie Lawrence (SOM) the National Champion had a very close first against Natalie Townsend taking it 15-13 but then took control of the match to win in straight games. She will meet Gemma Barber (DOR) who came through a thriller with Debbie Locke (WKS) winning the last two games 11-9, 11-9 with some super rallies. Natalie Lawrence (SOM) took to the court again against Scotland International Mhairi Gritz and recorded another win with a 3-1 scoreline. Gemma Barber’s (DOR) second match was not so successful for her having taken the first 11-9 she lost the second 13-11 and faded somewhat losing 1-3 to Regina Borromeo of the Philippines.
So the final will be between Natalie Lawrence (SOM) and Regina Borromeo.

Women’s O35s
Emmeline Gale (SRY) v Michelle Knight (NHM)
Kate Bradshaw (CBE) v Heather Joy (BUX)
Kate Bradshaw (CBE) v Michelle Knight (NHM)
Emmeline Gale (SRY) v Heather Joy (BUX)

Emmeline Gale (SRY) had to battle in the first two games which were shared with Michelle Knight (NHM) but Gale then took control of the match and in a hard hitting display powered through in four. Kate Bradshaw (CBE) had a similar match against Heather Joy (BUX) sharing the first two games and then imposing herself into the match and taking it in four. In Bradshaw’s next match she met Michelle Knight (NHM) and went 2-1 up before losing the fourth. She then went 9-3 up in the fifth and it looked all over but Knight dug in, saved two match balls and took the decider 15-13 in a cracking match. Heather Joy (BUX) bounced back from her loss earlier with a fine 3-1 win over Emmeline Gale (SRY). She dropped the first game but got stronger as the match went on and won through in four. In the group everyone seems to have lost one match so tomorrow’s final matches will be vital.

Men’s O80s
Gerald Poulton (CAN) v Mick McLaughlin (MDX)
Anthony Clifford (HFD) v Brian Phillips (WAL)
Lior Grinberg (USA) v Mick McLaughlin (MDX)
Nigel Belle (KNT) v Brian Phillips (WAL)

Gerald Poulton of Canada wins tournaments wherever he goes and is looking strong in this one as he defeated Mick McLaughlin (MDX) in straight games. Former England International Anthony Clifford (HFD) notched up a win against Wales International Brian Phillips and the Poulton Clifford match is eagerly awaited. Meanwhile Lior Grinberg (USA) took on Middlesex’s Mick McLaughlin and in the great tussle it was McLaughlin that came through. The first game was 13-11 to Grinberg and the fifth 12-10 to McLaughlin with some lovely squash in between. National Runner Up Nigel Belle (KNT) played a fine match against Wales International Brian Phillips and with some cunning shot making won through 3-0.

Men’s O75s
Barry Featherstone (HPH) v Chris Ansell (BRK)
Aubrey Waddy (BUX) v Ian Ross (SCO)

There was a feeling of inevitability in this draw as the two outstanding players – silver and bronze medallists last year were the top two seeds. Both had wins against each other but Featherstone had the most recent in the National final. Here he beat Chris Ansell, himself a former World Champion, in straight games while England Captain Aubrey Waddy got no change from Scotland’s Ian Ross. A great final as always between these two great players.

Men’s O70s
Terry Belshaw (CBA) v Geoff Redfern (WKS)
Tony Pensom (DCL) v Ian Graham (SSX)

The last few major events have pitted Terry Belshaw (CBA) the National Champion against Ian Graham the defending Open Champion and so it is to be again. Belshaw had the harder time of it getting the better of Geoff Redfern (WKS) in four games while Graham was too strong for Tony Pensom (DCL).

Men’s O65s
Gordon McManus (KNT) v Paul Ekins (SRY)
Ian Bradburn (LNH) v Mohammed Zaman (BFD)

Gordon McManus (KNT) after his victory over top seed Jan Zimdahl may have had some adverse reaction but after a dodgy first game he dominated his match against Paul Ekins (SRY) and won through in four. The Wigan Warrior Ian Bradburn (LNH) produced a masterclass of match play against the dangerous Mohammed Zaman (BFD) and after taking the first 15-13 always looked in control of the match. An interesting match of two very different styles in the final.

Men’s O60s
Fredrik Johnson (SWE) v Mark Sealy (BRB)
John Parkes (WOC) v Eamonn Price (HFD)

Freddie Johnson a former Sweden International was even more animated than usual if that’s possible against a very good player in Mark Sealy of Barbados he needed all his skill and renown ability. The second game that he won 12-10 was pivotal and although Sealy took the third Johnson won through 3-1. The Parkes Price match was always going to be a battle with two former Open Champions squaring off. So it proved. A 14-12 first game went to Parkes but Price’s relentless game took the next two. Parkes dug in, took the fourth but faded in the fifth to send Price through to the final.

Men’s O55s
Jon Foster (HPH) v Nigel Rowe (WLT)
Alex Betts (MDX) v Stephen McLoughlin (HPH)

Jon Foster (HPH) proved to be too good for Wiltshire’s Nigel Rowe who has had a great first Masters tournament. Foster just had too much control and in spite of some great rallies kept ahead and took the semi in straight games. The other semi also went in straight games as Stephen McLoughlin (HPH) seemed to thrive in the heat and ran Alex Betts (MDX) into the ground with a 3-0 victory. An interesting final in prospect with two very different styles of game.

Men’s O50s
Hadrian Stiff (AVN) v Paul Boyle (BUX)
Rob Staunton (IRL) v Nick Staunton (IRL)

Hadrian Stiff (AVN) is the top seed and was put under some pressure today as Paul Boyle (BUX) took the second game and pushed the Bristol pro very hard but Stiff’s class eventually prevailed in four entertaining games with some tremendous squash from both players. Stiff will meet Rob Staunton, the Irish International, in the final as he outlasted twin brother Nick in five games. Always fireworks with these two on court and no quarter given. A match full of great squash and clever shots.

Men’s O45s
Matt Holland (HPH) v Ben Hutton (SSX)
Alistair Coker (HFD) v Tim Burrell (BRK)

The Holland Hutton match was eagerly awaited as they are two very accomplished players. Holland won the first with some beautiful squash that forced extravagant movement from Hutton took the second. Unfortunately Hutton had to retire injured at that point so Holland in another final. In the other semi final Alistair Coker (HFD) upset the seedings with a fast and furious match against Tim Burrell (BRK) the second seed prevailing 13-11 in the third for a 3-0 victory.

Men’s O40s
Peter Marshall (LDN) v Scott Handley (OFE)
Ross Gore (OFE) v Phil Rushworth (SRY)

A much awaited match between Marshall and Handley never took place as Handley had to withdraw with an injury overnight. A great shame as these two fantastic players have played each other many times and both won at various times but the axeman Peter Marshall goes to the final. Phil Rushworth (SRY) is a squash professional and plays like one. Sublime skills and a great attitude on court. He was just too strong for Ross Gore (OFE) himself a very fine player but it was always 3-0 to the Wimbledon man. A great final in prospect.

Men’s O35s
Alex Phillips (HPH) v John Welton (AVN)
Daniel West (SSX) v James Snell (DVN)

Alex Phillips (HPH) the top seed impresses more and more as the tournament goes on. His striking, movement and shot selection are superb and today he completely overwhelmed a very fine player in John Welton (AVN) who had notched up some great results to get this far. In the final he will meet James Snell (DVN) who in a match full of powerful hitting and retrieving finished stronger in the fifth game against Daniel West (SSX) who had given his all.

Some fantastic matches today and in the very warm conditions a real test for the players. There will be more of the same tomorrow with the coveted British Open Masters titles at stake. Play will commence at Colets at 10.00am and spectators are welcome.

Day 5 – Sunday 11th June 2023. Finals Day

Women’s O70s
Ann Manley of Avon is the outstanding player in this group and has now 7 British Opens to go with her 4 World Masters titles. Played in a round-robin group she was unbeaten and some way ahead of the others. Catherine Woodhart was runner-up but could make little headway against the Champion.

Women’s O65s
In a group boasting three World Masters Champions there was going to be some high quality matches. Current Champion Karen Hume of Kent defeated Scotland No. 1 Pauline Douglas before setting up a final with 4 times British Open Champion Jill Campion of Wales. In a high-quality match Hume excelled and took her surprisingly, first British Open in straight games.

Women’s O60s
Another current World Masters Champion in action here in the form of Mandy Akin of Kent. With 8 British Opens already she is the outstanding player in her age group. Lesley Sturgess of Derbyshire battled hard but could not make headway and a ninth title for Akin.

Women’s O55s
An eagerly awaited final as National Champion Rose Bamber of Avon had lost in the Internationals to Wales No. 1 Helen Barnard in May. But on the day it was Bamber who was fire ring on all cylinders and took her third Open in straight games.

Women’s O50s
Linda Pritchard is the National Champion but was up against a world class player in Karen Meakins of Barbados. Certainly the best two players in the draw, but Meakins was another level and in spite of Pritchard battling back to 9/9 in the third, it was a British Open for the Barbados woman. 3-0.

Women’s O45s
Catherina Ruffle of Kent has been on the verge of breaking through for a while. A fine player, very mobile and tenacious she was up against England teammate Louisa Dalwoodo of Hertfordshire. A match with some great rallies but it was Ruffle's time and she powered through in three games.

Women’s O40s
Natalie Lawrence of Somerset broke through in February taking the National title after some close misses. Playing in a round-robin she was the dominant player and in the final match beat Regina Borromeo of the Philippines in straight games. She was also the England Squash Masters Player of the Year which was also awarded today, so a good day for her!

Women’s O35s
This event was also played in a round-robin and in the final analysis as the last four went into the last two matches, they had each lost one match so any result was possible. As it worked out Heather Joy edged home by virtue of a win over Emeline Gale earlier. Gale was the runner-up but a first major title for Joy.

Men’s O80s
A nice International flavour as Canada, the USA, England and Wales were all represented.
Top seed was the current US Open and Canadian Champion Gerald Poulter but England International Tony Clifford was up for a fight. In an excellent match Poulter finished the stronger to come back from 1/2 down to win in five games.

Men’s O75s
The two exceptional players in this group are Scotland No. 1 Ian Ross and England No. 1 Barry Featherstone a two-time Open winner. Each can win and Ross took the National title in February but Featherstone beat him in the Internationals. In a match the did not look like 75 year olds playing they shared the first two games, a 13/11 to the Englishman but the crucial third went 14/12 to the Scot and the impetus took him through the fourth. A second British Open for Ross.

Men’s O70s
The last three major Championships have seen Ian Graham of Sussex line up against Terry Belshaw of Cumbra. Last year Graham snatched the Open from him but the Cumbrian took revenge in the Nationals. Graham took the first but Belshaw's ability to find winners stayed with him and he took the title in four very close and competitive games.

Men’s O65s
Gordon McManus if Kent had taken out top seed Jan Zimdahl of Sweden but had to face the tenacious Wigan Warrior Ian Bradburn. Bradburn has the ability to smash winners from anywhere and went two up before McManus started moving him more and saving three match points took the third 15/13 then the fourth. At the start of the fifth there was an accidental collision, however, and McManus was unable to continue. A third Open for Bradburn to go with his 45 and 50 titles.

Men’s O60s
Fredrik Johnson of Sweden is a Masters Squash legend! He has won the British Open in every category from 35 to 55 and is current World and European Masters Champion. Eammon Price is a great player and former Open and National Champion himself and he has beaten Freddie but there was no way for him today. An 8th Open for the Swede.

Men’s O55s
In an all Hampshire final former National Champion Jon Foster was top seed but Steve McLoughlin has been working hard after coming back from injury and is incredibly fit. He has powered through some very good players and was just too good for Foster, a player with beautiful skills on the day. Straight games and a second Open for McLoughlin.

Men’s O50s
Top seed Hadrian of Avon is the Elite Pro coach in Bristol and he plays like it. Everything is done to the highest order and he had cruised to the final. Here he met the mercurial Irish International Rob Staunton who took the first game and nearly the second. In a match of wonderful shot making Stiff edged home 11/9 in the fourth. His first British Open.

Men’s O45s
Matt Holland of Hampshire burst onto the Masters scene 2 years ago and has won a British Open and two Nationals. He plays a good looking game with a variety of shots, great mobility and is very effective. Alistair Coker is also a very good player and played for England this year but in a hard fought match errors in the fourth we're costly and it was another British Open for Holland.

Men’s O40s
Great excitement as Peter Marshall the former World No. 2 entered the Masters again - although in two groups lower than he could. His double-handed unique style is always good to watch and he is pure class. Phil Rushworth of Surrey is the Wimbledon pro and a marvellous player himself and he pushed Marshall very hard. The first two games were shared and the match hinged on the 15/13 third which Marshall took and used the impetus to stay ahead in the fourth. Amongst his many international titles, a third British Open Masters.

Men’s O35s
Winchester professional Alex Philips made his Masters debut here and was top seed. He roared into the final playing fantastic Squash with a straight hitting style that was textbook perfect. In the final he met second seed James Snell of Devon who was carving out the other side of the draw with his powerful game. Philips took the first but Snell found his rhythm and range and got on top running out a winner in four. His first Masters title.

So, a wonderful festival at Squash at a magnificent club, Colets. Great weather all week and many memorable moments.

Thanks were made to the sponsors, Karakal, all at Colets especially the Head pro Neal Brooker, the England Squash Referees, the ESM team who ran the event, especially the wonderful Brian Brock.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Adrian Wright

For the first time in its 20-year history ESM made a special award.

Adrian Wright of Yorkshire was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his superb playing career which he retired from recently. Adrian has been a top Masters player and the most successful male player we have had.
He has won 4 World Masters titles, 6 British Opens, 10 National Championships and a record 37 Regional Opens. Known as 'the Silver Fox' he has been a great supporter of England Squash Masters both on and off the court and started the early ESM website. He had a great eye for the ball and hit with great pace from sometimes hopeless positions. A fierce but fair competitor he often won against the odds with a flurry of winning shots.

We wish him a happy retirement from Squash and hope to see him visit us at events when he can.

Stuart Hardy

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