Players Of The Year
Annual Awards 2022-23

Lifetime Achievement Award - Adrian Wright

Adrian Wright has the distinction of being the most successful male England Masters player. His record is extraordinary and his powerful ball striking has won him a host of titles. He has four World Masters titles, six British Open Masters, ten National Masters Championships and thirty-nine Regional Open titles. An astonishing achievement.  Known as the 'Silver Fox' he is a great competitor and a gentleman who has represented England on numerous occasions. He has supported England Squash Masters since its inception in 2004 and designed and ran its first website. He is truly worthy of the first 'Lifetime Achievement Award' presented by England Squash Masters.


Player of the Year (Women's) - Natalie Lawrence 

Natalie has been a great supporter of England Squash Masters for a while but has played nearly all the events in the last couple of years and improved steadily. This season she won the North of England Regional and the South of England to notch up three Championships overall and then won the National Championship. She then Captained the Women’s Over 35/40 England Team to victory in the Masters’ Internationals in Nottingham. A fine supporter of England Squash Masters.


Player of the Year (Men's) - Allen Barwise

Allen has had a fantastic season. From reaching the British Open Final in his last year of the over 60s and reaching the latter stages of two Regionals, he then won the East of England and then the National Championships for the second time. He has also won four events on the European Masters Circuit and represents England with honour. He then Captained the Over 65 England team to victory in Dublin and was unbeaten at No 1.
On top of all that, he is the ESM Internationals Manager and puts in a tremendous amount of work with that.

Newcomer of the Year - Christine McMullen

Chrissie has burst onto the Masters scene this year and played with great enthusiasm and commitment. She played in three Regional championships and won two of them, the Midlands and North of England Opens. She then went on to win the National Championships, clinching victory in a thrilling five-game final. She topped the event points in her age group and represented England for the first time in a winning England team.

Special Contributor of the Year - Polly Woodward

Polly Woodward has supported England Squash Masters on and off the court this season. A fine player who has played in four events this season but has been committed to assisting the event management team for long periods during events.
Her assistance has been invaluable and always done with great humour. She has also played a number of events in Europe with great success and represents England Squash Masters fantastically well.
Annual Awards 2021-22

Player of the Year (Women's) - Vix Smith 

Vix Smith has played the Masters' circuit for a while but had some injury problems. Recovering she played the 21-22 season with renewed passion and skill. She won the Karakal British Open in December, the East of England Open in January then the National Championship Over 45's in February. In the two major events, her finals were fiercely contested five-game matches of the highest quality.


Player of the Year (Men's) - Matt Holland

Matt Holland burst into the Masters' Circuit this season playing some superb squash. Against some top-class players in the Over 45 group he was unbeaten winning two Regional Open Championships, the Karakal British Open at his home club, Colets, then the National Championships in Nottingham. He had to recover from two-game deficits a few times but played a great blend of skillful, attacking squash.


Newcomer of the Year - Polly Roylance-Smith

Polly Roylance-Smith made her debut on the Masters' circuit this season and immediately made an impact with a series of fine wins and performances that were full of heart. She is a great athlete and plays the game in the right spirit. Polly is a fantastic addition to the Masters' Circuit.

Special Contributor of the Year - Ros Featherstone

Ros Featherstone doesn't play Squash, but she has made a great contribution to the England Squash Masters' Circuit. Ros has been a regular on the tournament desk dealing with all the administration of the tournaments. She has constantly attended events from beginning to end to add support and has been absolutely invaluable. Thank you, Ros!

Players of the Year 2019-20

Mandy Akin 

Mandy Akin has been a long time supporter of England Squash Masters and has had an exceptional season that has seen her win the British Open, European Championship and the National title. A regular Regionals player she won her 11th regional tournament as well. 

Andrew Murray 

Andy Murray has competed on the Masters Circuit with great commitment and ability. A stalwart supporter of ESM events he won his first Regional title for several years this season. On top of that, he gives great support to ESM through his company iProsports and helps organise the Glen Ragou Cup. 


Alex Betts

Alex Betts always plays with great tenacity and considerable skill. His record this season of reaching the final of the National Championships and four Regional tournament finals, winning two, has deservedly put him at the top of his age group. His epic matches with Eamonn Price have been classics to watch.

Players of the Year 2018-19

Sarah Howlett 

Sarah has played on the Masters circuit for a good number of years now and has played in 25 Masters events (regional, National and Open) since 2015, which is a great record and she has represented England on a number of occasions over the years. Sarah is a fantastic advocate for the sport and her continued support to the Masters circuit is fantastic. 


Geoff Redfern 

Geoff’s support for the Masters circuit over the years has been exceptional. In 2019 he won 3 regional events and was runner up in the National Championships. He is an extremely fair player with a great attitude and he’s a true ambassador for the Masters, both on and off-court.

Jeremy Goulding 

Jeremy has a great playing record and constant attendance on the Masters circuit. He has had some good results in the Worlds, has won the British Open, was a quarter-finalist in the Nationals and also won 3 Regionals in the 2018/2019 season. Another great advocate for Masters squash.

Players of the Year 2017-18

David Youngs

David Youngs (Men's O50) of Norfolk plays a unique style of game which is a joy to watch. A regular winner of the Regional tournaments he won three this season to bring his tally to 17. But it was in a very competitive National Championships that he really shone and after some twelve attempts he lifted the National title.  


Rachel Woolford 

Rachel Woolford (Women's O50) of Warwickshire is a more recent convert to the Masters scene, but she has certainly made her mark. Winning a Bronze Medal in the European Championships she went on to win four Regional Championships in 2017/18 to take her total to 11. She carried that form into the National Championships and won her first major title.


John Goodrich

John Goodrich (Men's O65) of Suffolk has competed on the Masters circuit for a number of years, won two Regionals and played for England. However, this year 'The Judge' has been a revelation. Fitter and more focussed he stormed into the age group, won three Regionals and then the National title to go with his Jesters British Amateur win.

Players of the Year 2016-17

Keeley Johnson 

Keeley Johnson of Kent has had a great season winning three Regional events and the National Championship over 40. She led England to victory in the Home Internationals winning all three matches at no. 1 and all the while having her two children in tow! A top player who has added to each event she has attended. 


John Rae 

John Rae of Scotland has raided the English tournaments this season. He entered five Regional events and won all of them - a tremendous achievement . Having last year been part of Scotland's first ever over 65 Home International triumph he played at no. 1 this year and won three top class matches. The GB no. 1. He is also one of the gentlemen of the game and the accolade is richly deserved.


Karen Hume 

Karen Hume of Kent has been a top player in the Masters world for some time and a regular winner. A few years ago it looked like she would not be playing again with serious injury but with great determination came back to win the World Masters o-55 Championship in South Africa. She added two Regional titles as well to put her fifth on the all time winners list with ten. A great supporter of Masters Squash.

Players of the Year 2015-16

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, a Buckinghamshire County player has been a long time supporter of the Masters events.  He had a previous Regional win and won England caps but had never threatened the top players of his age group, until this season.  Fitter and more determined, he produced a series of good performances, culminating in a victory in the Over 65 National Championships defeating the Scotland No. 1 and European bronze medalist in the final.  He then led the England team in the Home Internationals. 


Jamie Goodrich

Jamie Goodrich, the Norfolk County Champion has been unique in the Regional Masters circuit, as from 2007 he has only played in the Over 35 age group events and won 16 of them, including two in the last season.  The third most successful male player overall and a great supporter of England Squash Masters.  He has played regularly for England at Over 35 and Over 40 level and was at No. 1 for the England Over 40 team this season.  A former British Open winner he has maintained and improved his game.


Mike Clemson

Mike Clemson, the Yorkshire Squash Chairman, is as busy off the court as he is on it.  A serial winner in Masters events he won the British Open in 2015/16 - his fourth to go with two National titles and fifteen Regional Championships.  He is also an England regular as that form would suggest.   Mike is England Squash Masters Secretary and Chairman of the England Squash Council.

Players of the Year 2014-15

Jill Campion

Jill Campion has had a remarkable Renaissance.   A long standing supporter of the Masters events she eventually had to have both hips replaced.   With great determination she embarked on a Gym and Squash regime that saw her return to top class Masters Squash and this season scoring wins over the reigning British Open and National Champion.  After wins in Regional events she won the National Championship in February beating a double World Champion in the final.  She then went on to Captain England in the Home Internationals.  An inspirational comeback. 


Glen Ragou

For someone to continue to play International quality Squash at the very highest level. Glen----- always chirping and with his trademark smile, whist suffering from extended serious illness, duplicated by an NHS cock up of major proportions,  in the middle of all the medical treatment inflicted on him, is an unbelievable feat. Really truly incredible. Probably with his friend Ian Bradburn, the most popular and likeable players on the Circuit.


Stuart Hardy

Stuart Hardy has played in nearly all the Masters events since they started but has had a remarkable season.   After reaching the 2014 British Open Final he went on to win four International Open Championships - Germany, Wales, Holland and the USA, as well as three English Regional titles.   He has in fact been a finalist ten times out of the  last eleven Regionals he has played.  On top of that he has been active with the Masters committee and driven a number of initiatives such as promotional shirts and international kit.

Players of the Year 2013-14

Barry Featherstone


Alison Goy


Nick Drysdale


Players of the Year 2012-13

Adrian Wright


Lynne Davies


Ian Bradburn


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