Terms and Conditions - Entering the British National Masters Championships
Terms and Conditions - Entering the British National Masters Championships

1.  Introduction:

1.1  These terms and conditions apply to your use of England Squash Masters online tournament entry system (“Online Entry”) for the British National Masters Squash Championship.

2.  Eligibility to Play:

2.1  A player is eligible to play in the British National Squash Championships, if:

  • if he/she is aged 35 or over on the start date of the championships, and

  • if he/she has not represented another country, in a recognised international squash team event in any age group, in the 36 months preceding the start date, and
  • if he/she:

    • was born in the United Kingdom or Ireland, or
    • is a citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland, or
    • has been resident in the United Kingdom or Ireland for a minimum of 3 years immediately preceding the start date of a championship.

3.  Entry Constraints:

3.1  Players (men and women) can only enter one age group.

3.2  Players may play down one or more age groups but are not permitted to play in older age groups.

3.3  Players must make themselves available to play over the published tournament period as required by the draw and schedule.  Players who cannot commit to the draw and schedule as issued should withdraw from an event.

4.  Entry Procedure:

4.1  Players must register for events by the closing date.  Late registrations will not be permitted.

4.2  As we are a UK organisation, all charges shown on the Online Entry system are in Pounds Sterling. If you are using Online Entry from overseas, your card issuer will convert the charge into your local currency. The Site and our terms and conditions have been designed for use within the United Kingdom. Whilst we will consider requests for services from outside the United Kingdom, we give no warranty, express or implied, that the Site or the submission of any entry through the Site from outside the UK complies with any applicable non-UK laws or regulations. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any entry at our discretion from overseas customers and we will have no obligation to provide you with any reasons for refusing an entry.

5.  Draw Size and Composition:

5.1  If this limit is exceeded, some players within an age group may be required to play preliminary qualification rounds in order to qualify for the main draw.

5.2  The draw type based on the number of players are as follows:

Number of Players Draw Type Remarks

33-64 64 Knockout  

17-32 32 Knockout  

9-16 16 Knockout  

8 8 Knockout This may include a structured Plate competition for first match losers.

7 8 Knockout or 2 Pools one of 4 and one of 3, with placing play-offs for the top 3 in each pool. If court availability and player start times allow, a 2 Pool format may be feasible.

6 2 Pools of 3 with placing play-offs  

5 8 Knockout or 5 Pool If court availability and player start times allow, a 5 Pool format may be feasible.

4 4 Pool  

3 3 Pool  

2 Final only  

5.3  Players should expect to play one match per day when participating in the main event.  The exceptions to this are:

  • Players in a group that exceed 64 players may be required to play 2 matches in the early stages of the event if they are required to play in a preliminary qualifying match.
  • Players who play in a plate event may be required to play up to 2 matches per day.

5.4  Every effort is made to guarantee players at least two matches. In the case of draws of eight players or more, players who lose their first match will be offered the opportunity to play in a Plate event, but must opt in by telling the Event Coordinator immediately after their match.

6.  Player Seeding, Age Group Draw Creation and Scheduling

6.1  The Tournament Manager has overall responsibility for creation of the age group draws and the scheduling of the event with the support of the Event Coordinator.  The Tournament Manager will seek advice from age group seeding representatives in order to seed the players, and will also take into consideration past results and personal knowledge.

6.2  The seeded position of players will be shown on the draw as follows 1, 2, 3-4, 5-8, 9-16, 17-32.  Players in a seeded range (3-4, 5-8 etc.) will be entered in these positions randomly and no consideration will be given to the relative ranking of the players within this range.

6.3  The draws and playing schedule will be available on the website approximately 2-3 days after the registration closing date for the tournament.  Players should check the event website regularly up to and including the day of the tournament in case any alterations have been necessary. Players affected by these changes will be notified individually by the Event Coordinator, where possible.

6.4  The playing schedule will stipulate the start time and court for each match. This may be amended by the Event Coordinator in conjunction with the Tournament Manager, but an earlier time will only be with the agreement of both players.

7.  Match Conduct

7.1  Matches should be conducted in accordance with the England Squash Code of Conduct and World Squash Singles Rules.

7.2. Players are expected to comply with the England Squash Code of Conduct both on and off court. Abusive language or behaviour towards employees and members of the host club, tournament officials or other players is unacceptable and subject to sanction by ESM. In addition to any penalties imposed by England Squash or other relevant national governing body, repeated infringement of Rule 15 of the Rules of Squash regarding conduct will be subject to sanction by ESM. Sanctions imposed by ESM include, but are not limited to, verbal or written warnings and temporary or permanent exclusion from ESM tournaments.

7.3  Players must register for each match at the event desk at least 30 minutes before each match is due to start.

7.3  Scoring will be Point-a-Rally (PAR) to 11 points for all age groups.   

    8.  Withdrawing from the Tournament

    8.1  Before Registration Closes:  Players can only withdraw by contacting the Event Coordinator. Players who withdraw from the tournament before the tournament registration closing date will be entitled to a registration fee refund.

    8.2  After Registration Closes but Before the Tournament Day:  Players who withdraw are required to inform the Event Coordinator or Tournament Manager by email or telephone.  The entry fee will not be refunded.

    8.3  On the Tournament Day:  Players must contact the Event Coordinator, immediately by telephone. Leaving a message is not sufficient. The entry fee will not be refunded.

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