iPROSPORTS British National Masters Squash Championships 2024

Wednesday 7 February - Sunday 11 February 2024

General Info:

Registration Closes: REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED (closed 6 pm Friday 26th January 2024)

Players may still register after registration closes but your entry will be moved to the reserve list and will only be allowed to participate if an age group player withdraws within the correct seeding range.

Event Constraints: 

- The maximum number per age group is 32
- The minimum number per age group is 4

Players may still register after these limits are reached, but impacted players will be moved to the reserve list and will only be allowed to participate if an age group player withdraws within the correct seeding range.

Scheduled Start Days

Players are only required to play one match per day in the main draw. Therefore, the draws will start depending on their size as follows:

  • 32 draw – Wednesday 7th February
  • 16 draw – Thursday 8th February
  • 8 draw / 4 Pool / 2 x 3 Pool with play-off – Friday 9th February

Note higher-seeded players with first-round byes in draws will start a day later.

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Event Posters:

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Registration Fees: This event will cost £35.00 for which you will receive:
  • we aim to provide most players 3 or more matches where possible.
  • a free gift from iPROSPORTS the event sponsor.
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Age Groups:

Men's Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85
Women's Over  35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 

Note:  Ideally there must be a minimum of 4 players in an age group to create a viable age group draw.  However, in some cases, in particular, for the older age groups, the tournament director may allow a smaller draw.

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Map: Map Link
Draw Type 
Finalists / Top Two 
Men's Over 3532 DrawJames Snell bt Chris Hall3-1 (11/13, 11/5, 11/9, 12/10)
Men's Over 4016 DrawPeter Marshall bt Phil Rushworth3-0 (11/4, 11/7, 11/4)
Men's Over 4532 DrawMatt Holland bt Mick Biggs3-2 (11/4, 7/11, 11/5, 1/11, 11/4)
Men's Over 5016 DrawMike Gregory bt Paul Boyle3-1 (11/7, 11/5, 3/11, 12/10)
Men's Over 5532 DrawStephen McLoughlin bt Gavin Roger-Lund3-0 (Gavin Roger-Lund withdrew injured)
Men's Over 6032 DrawBryan Beeson bt Eamonn Price3-1 (9/11, 11/6, 11/7, 11/5)
Men's Over 6532 DrawAllen Barwise bt Tom Burton3-0 (11/8, 11/8, 11/6)
Men's Over 7016 DrawTerry Belshaw bt Geoff Redfern3-0 (11/9, 11/7, 11/7)
Men's Over 7516 DrawLarry Grover bt Ian Ross3-1 (11/9, 11/7, 7/11, 11/9)
Men's Over 804 Pool1st Anthony Clifford; 2nd Ken ReidPool
Women's Over 3516 DrawStacey Gooding bt Leonie Holt3-1 (11/9, 7/11, 11/5, 11/6)
Women's Over 408 DrawAmina Helal bt Selina Harper3-1 (11/3, 11/13, 11/6, 11/8)
Women's Over 4516 DrawCatherine Ruffle bt Keeley Johnson3-1 (7/11, 11/9, 11/8, 11/8)
Women's Over 5016 DrawLouisa Dalwood bt Sarah Parr3-2 (11/2, 4/11, 11/5, 4/11, 12/10)
Women's Over 558 DrawRose Bamber bt Helen Barnard3-1 (11/4, 7/11, 11/6, 12/10)
Women's Over 608 DrawHilary Kenyon bt Mandy Akin3-2 (8/11, 11/3, 11/4, 4/11, 11/9)
Women's Over 658 DrawJill Campion bt Karen Hume3-2 (9/11, 8/11, 11/4, 11/5, 11/8)
Men's Over 35 Round 1 Plate8 DrawNicholas Bradley bt Damian Burgess3-2 (9/11, 11/8, 8/11, 11/8, 11/9)
Men's Over 40 Round 1 Plate4 DrawNathan Miller bt David Coghlan3-0 (11/5, 12/10, 11/9)
Men's Over 45 Round 1 Plate8 DrawPhilip Thomas bt Bruce Hopkin3-1 (13/11, 8/11, 11/5, 13/11)
Men's Over 50 Round 1 Plate4 DrawChris Lynam bt Julian Beckett3-1 (11/6, 7/11, 13/11, 11/7)
Men's Over 55 Round 1 PlateFinal OnlyRichard Bradley bt Robert Caddick 3-0 (11/4, 11/3, 11/1)
Men's Over 60 Round 1 Plate16 DrawColin Jackson bt Andy Hall3-0 (11/7, 11/4, 11/8 )
Men's Over 65 Round 1 Plate8 DrawTim Luker bt Alan Coates 3-0 (13/11, 11/7, 11/4)
Men's Over 70 Round 1 Plate4 DrawRobert Houldsworth bt Robert Garvin3-2 (8/11, 8/11, 11/9, 11/4, 11/6)
Men's Over 75 Round 1 PlateFinal OnlyLeo Kingston bt Tibor Szolnoki 3-0 (11/8, 11/9, 11/7)
Men's Over 55 Round 2 Plate4 DrawPeter Lonsdale bt Ian Fenner-Evans3-1 (11/7, 11/8, 8/11, 11/6)
Men's Over 60 Round 2 PlateFinal OnlyPeter Call bt Mark Taylor 3-0 (11/8, 11/7, 11/4)
Men's Over 65 Round 2 PlateFinal OnlyJonathan Potter bt John Petruschke 3-1 (9/11, 11/9, 11/5, 13/11)
Women's Over 35 Round 1 PlateFinal OnlyFrancesca Whyte bt Nicola Rees3-1 (8/11, 11/9, 11/6, 12/10)
Women's Over 40 Round 1 Plate3 Pool1st Ria Gelderblom; 2nd Natalie LawrencePool
Women's Over 45 Round 1 PlateFinal OnlyDiane Fenwick bt Alexandra Perry3-0 (11/4, 13/11, 11/6)
Women's Over 50 Round 1 PlateFinal OnlyRhian Davies bt Alison Goy3-1 ( 11/7, 7/11, 11/6, 11/9)
Women's Over 35 Round 2 PlateFinal OnlyHeather Joy bt Marie Elcock3-0 (11/5, 11/9, 11/5)
Women's Over 40 3-4 Play-offFinal OnlyLizzie Little bt Nicola Helwick3-0 (11/7, 11/9, 11/3)
Women's Over 45 Round 2 Plate4 DrawNicky Green bt Caroline Hazlewood 3-2 (11/6, 9/11, 5/11, 11/7, 11/6)
Day 5 Sunday 11th February (Finals Day)

And so onto Finals Day where the coveted title of National Masters Champion will be conferred on a number of excellent Squash Players.

Women’s Over 65:  It is rare that two World Masters Champions play off like this, but we had Karen Hume (KNT) and Jill Campion of Wales competing for the title. It was a game of high quality and Hume went two up before Campion made a surge and took the next three to clinch her third National crown.

Women’s Over 60:  Defending Champion Hilary Kenyon (CHS) had a real challenge against the most successful England woman in the game. Mandy Akin (KNT) has eight Nationals as well as World and European titles. It was always going to be close, and sure enough, point for point through the fifth game it went with some frantic rallies and more than one dive. Kenyon emerged an 11/9 winner for her second National.

Women’s Over 55:  Rose Bamber of Avon is a big event player. And she does not very often lose. The top seed and favourite here the three time British Open Champion met another fine athlete in the Wales no. 1 Helen Barnard. Bamber always had the edge as these two players, the best in their age group put on a fantastic display. It went to Bamber in four games.

Women’s Over 50:  Another great final that went all the way to 12/10 in the fifth. Sarah Parr (BRK) is a former National Champion and Louisa Dalwood (HFD) has been very close before. In a match that swung one way then the other they arrived at 10/10 in the fifth. Dalwood scored a point then hit a drive that spun out of the upright Nick and dropped dead! An incredibly rare thing, and on match point in a National Final! A first for her.

Women’s Over 45:  Catherine Ruffle (KNT) has been unbeaten on the England circuit this season after taking the Open in June. But in the Portugal Open recently, Keeley Johnson also of Kent had been making a comeback after a few years out. She was a European, British Open and National champion and narrowly defeated her Kent colleague there. The final displayed all the players skills and athleticism but Ruffle came through in four close games for her first National title.

Women’s Over 40:  Amina Helal (LNH) has been a pro player and still plays like it. The defending Champion she had too much game for England International Selina Harper (CBA) who battled hard and took a tight second 13/11 but Helal was too good and ran out a winner in four games.

Women’s Over 35:  Another outstanding pro player in Wales No. 1 Stacey Gooding was top seed here. Any other year Lennie Holt (WKS) would have won this but in spite of some fierce rallies Gooding was in charge. Holt was close in the first and took the second but the next two slipped away as the Welsh woman took the title in four.

Men’s Over 80:  Scotland's Ken Reid played the marathon match ( one game 22/20 ! ) against four time World Champion Adrian Wright (YKS) but Anthony Clifford (HFD) is very mobile and plays an intelligent game. He had too much for the others and ran out a worthy winner in all three matches. Reid took second place.

Men’s Over 75:  A group that is getting stronger and stronger. Former Champion Barry Featherstone (HPH) was top seed and had beaten the other contenders this season. But Ian Ross the Scottish Champion holds the British Open and European titles and was too good for him in the semis but Larry Grover's (HPH) intelligent and unfussy game met the challenge and he took the title 11/9 in the fourth.

Men’s Over 70:  Two players with great pedigree but had, for them, a poor season. But they played very well here. Terry Belshaw (CBA) is the British Open Champion and again played like it. Geoff Redfern (WKS) is himself a former Open Champion but the Cumbrian's winning drops proved telling. Straight games and a second National for Belshaw.

Men’s Over 65:  The top player in the age group is undoubtedly Allen Barwise (CBA) and he is rarely beaten in this group. The defending Champion, he wanted this one and his superior strength and spread swept all away. Tom Burton (HRF) played well to reach his first National final but Barwise was too strong. Straight games and title retained.

Men’s Over 60:  Having removed eight time Champion Mark Woodliffe (GLR) Eammon Price (HFD), a three time National Champion himself, was possibly favourite against former World top ten player and defending Champion Brian Beeson (NLD). He took the first but Beeson was superb, finding powerful winners and weathering the inevitable fight back from Price. A four game win for Beeson.

Men’s Over 55:  Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) was top seed here and had two close wins over Open Champion Steve McLoughlin (HPH) so their final was eagerly awaited. Unfortunately, Roger-Lund hurt his leg in the semi final and he was unable to play the final. A second National for the Hampshire man.

Men’s Over 50:  In a group of incredibly talented Squash players Mike Gregory (DVN) is exceptional. Having removed top seed Nick Wall (YKS) he defeated double National Champion Paul Boyle (BUX) in four games - although if Boyle had taken the fourth that he lost 12/10 he may have been able to turn it round. But a firth National title to the Devonian.

Men’s Over 45:  Two players who have played each other a lot. Open and National Champion Matt Holland (HPH) has the edge over Mick Biggs (MDX) but Biggs has some wins over Holland. This match was strange in that they didn't both play well at the same time and the games went one way or another. But it went to five games and Holland found his form and took a second National title.

Men’s Over 40:  Peter Marshall (LDN) is a Squash Legend. No doubt. A former World no. 2 and British Champion he has continued to play brilliantly in the Masters world. Although over 50 he rampaged through the 40s field and even the wonderfully skilful Phil Rushworth (SRY) couldn't live with him. A fourth National in the Masters to go with his earlier British Open

Men’s Over 35:  The level of the 35 draw is astounding. Two superb players, well over 20,000 on Squash Levels and playing the quality of game that left the packed gallery in awe. James Snell (DVN) has won the British Open 35s and the Amateur Championship already this season. He was well matched by former Warwickshire champion Chris Hall and the match had all the best attributes of high level squash. In the end there was only the odd point or two between them, but a first National title for Snell.

Thanks were made to all at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club, iPROSPORTS the event Sponsors and the England Squash Masters Committee who managed the event, especially Badger Brock the Event Manager.

Day 4 – Saturday 10th February

Women’s Over 65: The semi-finals went to seeding without any undue anxiety for the top seeds. The two World Champions Karen Hume (KNT) and Jill Campion of Wales disposed of Sue Pynegar (NOT) and Lynne Davies of Wales in straight games.

Women’s Over 60: It was a very similar story in the Women’s O60s with Hilary Kenyon (CHS) having too much for county colleague Polly Woodward and World Champion Mandy Akin (KNT) proving similarly too strong against Julie-Anne Pegram (SFK). Two straight game wins for the top seeds in which should be a great final.

Women’s Over 55: Rose Bamber (AVN) is the top seed and outstanding player in this event and she proved much too good for Karen Webb (YKS). No 2 seed Helen Barnard of Wales once again proved to be better than Fran Wallis (LCN) and in a replay of an earlier Regional final won in straight games although two were very competitive.

Women’s Over 50: Unfortunately, top seed Rachel Calver, the Open Champion, had to withdraw injured this morning giving Sarah Parr (BRK), herself a former Champion, a route to the final. There she will meet Louisa Dalwood (HFD) who had too varied a game for the Nottinghamshire girl Izzy Bramhall and a quick win 3-0.

Women’s Over 45: Catherine Ruffle (KNT), the top seed, was pushed further than she normally is and Natalie Townsend (WKS) was very close to a major upset. After Townsend going 2-1 up taking the third 14-12 she only just lost the fourth 11-9 before Ruffle re-asserted herself to win in five. Keeley Johnson (KNT) and Kate Bradshaw (CBE) are evenly matched and so it was to prove. Bradshaw took the first but Johnson struck back to go two up winning 13-11 in the third. Bradshaw levelled but Johnson moved ahead in the fifth and was too experienced to let it slip. 3-2 to her. An interesting match in the final.

Women’s Over 40: Top seed Amina Halal (LNH) is the defending champion and favourite here but had to work very hard to get past Scottish star Lizzie Little who recovered from two games down to level the match and battle all the way through the fifth before Halal pinched it 11-8. In the other half Selina Harper (CBA) had a good battle with Nicola Helwick (SRY) taking the first a vital 12-10 before just staying ahead in a good quality fierce hitting match.

Women's Over 35: Wales star Stacey Gooding again illustrated her class with another straight game demolition of an England International. This time it was Polly Roylance-Smith (LCN) and Gooding is just playing at a different level. In the final she will meet Leonie Holt (WKS) who blazed through Natalie Davenport-Husdan (CHS) with some great squash from both women but Holt always having the better of the long exchanges. It will be interesting to see how she can perform against Gooding.

Men’s Over 80: The top seed here, Anthony Clifford, continued his fine form and took a very close straight games win over Ken Reid of Scotland who had the monster match with Adrian Wright yesterday. Wright himself recovered from that loss to beat Nigel Belle (KNT) comfortably in straight games. Clifford and Wright meet tomorrow in the final match and mathematically could still come out on top.

Men's Over 75: Top seed Barry Featherstone (HPH) has been in great form on the Regional events which included a win over his arch enemy Ian Ross (SCO), the current European Champion. But today Ross was out for revenge and played a beautifully controlled game to bury the ball deep and chip it short winning a place in the final in straight games. In the other half No 2 seed Larry Grover managed to always keep slightly ahead and in a good competitive match with Wales No 1 Stephen Evans edged home 12-10, 14-12 in the second and third games for a 3-0 win.

Men's Over 70: Upsets through this draw saw the British Open Champion Terry Belshaw (CBA) return to form after a tepid Regional season. Against top seed John Goodrich (SFK) he went 2-1 down all three games going to 9 but then found the magic he is capable of and stole the next two games from the Judge for a place in the final. There he will meet Geoff Redfern (WKS) who had too much for Jakey Musson (CBA) although Musson had a small opportunity to take the third before Redfern closed it out 14-12.

Men's Over 65: Allen Barwise (CBA) struggled with the pace of the court initially but asserted his powerful game and when he took the third 12-10 it was all over for Gordon McManus (KNT). A four game win for Barwise, the defending National Champion. The other semi final was between two players who had met already this season always with a close match. Here was no exception and it inevitably went to five with Nick Gollaglee playing some wonderful winners and horrible errors but Tom Burton (HFD) staying solid squeezed home in five.

Men's Over 60: Eamonn Price (HFD) has had some injury problems this season but has well and truly put them behind him playing superbly controlled squash he inflicted a rare defeat from eight time National Champion Mark Woodliffe (GLR) to book his place in the final. In the other half Bryan Beeson (NLD), the No 2 seed, took a measure of revenge for an earlier loss to Darren Withey (BUX) and came through to the final in five all court game.

Men's Over 55: Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) has been unbeaten this season but went 2-1 down to the skilful Simon Spencer (NOT) before Roger-Lund’s dynamic moving game took the edge from him allowing the top seed to mop up the fourth and fifth. In the final he will once again meet Stephen McLoughlin (HPH) who proved too lively against Martin Geear (LEC) and never allowed him to get his stroke play working. McLoughlin, the Open Champion, will be looking to put two Regional final losses behind him here.

Men's Over 50: Mike Gregory (DVN) is well known for being an incredibly talented player even amongst a group of very fine players but today he was on exceptional form and took down three time National Champion Nick Wall (YKS) in straight games with a dazzling array of shots. In the final he will play Paul Boyle (BUX) who overcame the mercurial Nick Staunton (IRL) who seemed to be suffering from the affects of yesterday’s match against his twin but rallied in the third but lost it 14-12 to set Paul in the final.

Men's Over 45: Matt Holland (HPH), the defending Champion, continued his imperious way through the draw but was given a battle by James Greenhead (SRY) who took the second to level the match but Holland was just a bit better and came through in four. Here he will meet Mick Biggs (MDX), the No 2 seed, after Paul Warner unfortunately had to withdraw with an injury. These two have played each other several times before and a good match is in prospect.

Men's Over 40: Former World Circuit star Peter Marshall is still playing incredible squash and against Phil Nightingale, also a very fine player with incredible reach and skills, could find no discernible weakness to exploit. 3-0 to Marshall, just sublime squash. Phil Rushworth the Wimbledon professional is the No 2 seed and is an incredibly talented player. He showed some of his myriad skills against Antony Savage (ESX) but Savage hung on gamely and took the third game but the Surrey man just upped the level and ran out a winner in four. Another National final for him and against Marshall a fantastic match in prospect.

Men's Over 35: No 1 seed James Snell (DVN), looking to add to his British Open, title was again in awesome form and Daniel West (SSX) who is also a very fine player could not find a way past him. West did everything he could slowing the ball down, using height, sharp angles but it all came hurtling back and even a rally of well over 100 shots did not phase Snell. 3-0 to Snell in 37 minutes of fascinating top quality squash. In the final he will meet No 2 seed Chris Hall (WKS) who is of a similar level to Snell and produced a very classy display to remove Jamie Douglas (NLD) in straight games in half an hour. The final should be a fantastic contest with two professional level players battling it out for the National title.

Sunday is Finals Day when the coveted National Championships are decided. Some of the best players in the Masters game will be performing in age groups from 35 to 80 and a feast of squash is in store. Spectators are very welcome at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club.

Day 3 – Friday 9th February

Women’s Over 65: An early round match saw home club player Susan Pynegar (NOT) take on a former National Champion in Sian Johnson of Wales. Using home court advantage to its best Pynegar won through in four good games and now has the pleasure of playing World Masters Champion Karen Hume of Kent in the next round. In a classy draw Jill Campion of Wales, also a former Masters Champion, awaits although she has to get through European silver medallist Lynne Davies.

Women’s Over 60: There were two shock results against seeding in this event as Polly Woodward (CHS) beat Tamsin Bennett (SRY) comfortably in straight games. Her reward is a match with top seed and defending champion Hilary Kenyon (CHS). Meanwhile, Julie-Anne Pegram (SFK) came through in four competitive games against Lesley Sturgess (DYS) and her reward is a match against World Champion Mandy Akin.

Women’s Over 55: Karen Webb (YKS) caused an upset in this group by beating 3/4 seed Lisa Tolhurst (ESX) in four. Tomorrow she will meet top-seed British Open Champion Rose Bamber (AVN). Meanwhile, in the bottom half of the draw it was all fairly straightforward as Fran Wallis and Helen Barnard scored comfortable straight game wins.

Women’s Over 50: This is a very strong group and there were some superb matches. Only top seed Rachel Calver (LEC) the Open Champion was comfortable and she now meets former National Champion Sarah Parr (BRK) who had a superb five set match with Libby Montgomery (HFD) saving match points and three of the games went into overtime before Parr won in five. In the other half Louisa Dalwood (HFD) edged home 12-10 in the fourth against defending Champion Linda Pritchard (SPE) and will meet Izzy Bramhall (NOT) who caused an upset beating No 2 seed Chrissy McMullen (CHS) in four games, three of them going to 9 or 10 points.

Women’s Over 45: British Open Champion Catherine Ruffle (KNT) has been unstoppable on the Masters circuit this season and continued her form with a straight games win over Saoirse O’Sullivan of Ireland. She will now play Natalie Townsend (WKS) who upset the form book and came from two games down to beat Nicky Green (NOR) the 3/4 seed and a very talented shot maker. In the bottom half of the draw Kate Bradshaw and Keeley Johnson both scored reasonably comfortable 3-0 wins and progress to meet in the semi final.

Women’s Over 40: Amina Halal (LNH) is top seed and defending champion here and a former pro player. She is the outstanding favourite and will meet in the semis Lizzie Little of Scotland who had a very tight match against Natalie Lawrence (SOM). In the other half Nicola Helwick (SRY) who beat Gemma Barber 3-0 secured her place in the semis and there meets second seed Selina Harper (CBA) who had a four game win over Ria Gelderblom (SFD).

Women's Over 35:  It is only when you see someone who you know is a very fine player dismantled that the player doing the dismantling is exceptional. Top seed here is former pro player and Wales Champion Stacey Gooding and she gave England player Michelle Knight (NHM) nothing. 3/0 done and dusted. She now meets another England player in Polly Roylance-Smith (LCN) who was too strong for Marie Elcock (YKS). Natalie Davenport-Hussain (CHS) needed four games to overcome Heather Joy (BUX) after going one down and now meets no. 2 seed Leonie Holt (WKS) who after removing a higher seed yesterday had now answer to the pace.

Men’s Over 80: Anthony Clifford (HFD) survived getting lost on the way to the club but rallied to meet Nigel Belle (KNT) in straight games but the other match between former World Champion Adrian Wright (YKS) and Ken Reid (SCO) was an absolute classic. Reid took the first 22-20 but Wright struck back to take a close next two. Reid hung on to take the fourth 11-9 and then both men having match points Reid struck the vital blow to take the fifth 13-11 in 47 minutes. A remarkable match that had a packed gallery applauding wildly.

Men's Over 75: Former Champion Barry Featherstone had a comfortable win to get through to the semi final where he meets the current Open Champion Ian Ross of Scotland. These two have played several major finals against each other and the results are pretty even. A great match in prospect. Ross reached this stage with a tight 3-0 over Martin Day of Yorkshire but the first two games went into overtime. In the other half Stephen Evans of Wales recovered from a game down to meet Scotland’s Alex Sinclair and in the semi will meet No 2 seed Larry Grover (HPH).

Men's Over 70: Top seed John Goodrich (SFK) a former National Champion won in straight games to reach the semi where he will meet current Open Champion Terry Belshaw (CBA) who had a straight games win over John Forester of Nottingham. In the other half the resurgent Geoff Redfern (WKS) negotiated a tricky match against Tony Pensom (DCL) and in the semi will meet Jakey Musson (CBA) who shocked No 2 seed John Hithersay (NHM) who unfortunately picked up a slight injury. A wide open match for a place in the final.

Men's Over 65: Top seed Allen Barwise (CBA) had to work hard to find his range but eventually was too strong for David Kirk (OFE) winning in four. He will meet Gordon McManus (KNT) who avenged is British Open loss to Ian Bradburn (LNH) who is coming back to form after injury. Nick Gollaglee (SOM) confounded Andrew Clarkson to win in straight games and there will meet Tom Burton (HFD) who was too strong for Alan Connor (LNH).

Men's Over 60: There was a sensational match between eight time former champion Mark Woodliffe (GLR) the top seed and John Parkes (WOC) himself a former Open and National Champion. Woodliffe took the first and then lost the second 11-0 – an unheard of event. Parkes took the third before Woodliffe levelled the match and eventually squeezed home 12-10 in the fifth. He will meet Eamonn Price (HFD) who was in devastating form to remove Andrew Killey (AVN), a finalist last year, in straight games. Former World Pro Bryan Beeson (NLD) is second seed here and defending champion. He removed David Gray (CBA) and will match up against Queens Club professional Darren Withey (BUX) who was too strong for Teejay Sogunro (HFD). Withey won the last encounter so it should be interesting.

Men's Over 55: Top seed Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) has been unstoppable in the Regionals this season and was too good for Karl Hardy (CHS) after a close first game. He will meet Simon Spencer (NOT) who upset the seedings beating Andrew Eilfield (HFD) in an agonisingly close 3-0, 11-9, 12-10, 12-10. Stephen McLoughlin (HPH) the British Open Champion and second seed took nearly an hour to get past Sam Hanbury (SSX) in five hard fought games and he now meets the talented Martin Geear (LEC) who after a tight first game removed Marvin Rust (HFD) 3-0.

Men's Over 50: Nick Wall (YKS) has a number of Nationals and Opens behind him and again proved just too strong for Matthew Stephenson also of Yorkshire. Stephenson went two down but saved the match and levelled at two all before succumbing in the fifth. An interesting semi as the wonderfully talented Mike Gregory making a rare appearance in the Masters circuit overwhelmed Adam Dominey of the Isle of Wight. In the other half Paul Boyle (BUX) former Champion went through in four against Wayne Beglan (SRY) to set up a match with the quixotic Nick Staunton who against the odds removed his brother Rob who has been in such fine form this season.

Men's Over 45: Matt Holland the top seed has been fairly unstoppable for the last couple of years in this group and the Open Champion continued his march with a 3-0 win over Matt Whitehead (DYS). In the semi-final he will meet James Greenhead (SRY) who beat Nick Hargreaves (NOT) in four attritional games.
 Paul Warner (BUX) proved to be too good and justified his seeding with a straight games win over Charles McCall (MDX) and in the semi-final he will meet second seed Mick Biggs (MDX) who played a regular opponent in Tim Burrell (BRK) taking the first 17-15 and running out a winner in four.

Men's Over 40: Peter Marshall (LDN) the top seed here and the British Open Champion is playing two age groups down but is still the overwhelming favourite. After a 13-11 first game he was too strong and consistent for Mark Campen-Howarth (CNL) and went through 3-0. There he will meet former British Open 35 Champion Phil Nightingale (SRY) who was too good for Ross Kneller (YKS). The second seed is the Wimbledon professional Phil Rushworth and he progressed smoothly against Neil Cross (NOR) and will meet Antony Savage (ESX) a finalist last year who saw off Ross Gore (OFE) in three good games.

Men's Over 35: James Snell (DVN) has been unstoppable this season winning the British Open Masters 35s, a Regional title and the British Amateur Championship. He continued his form here and booked his semi final place at the expense of John Welton (AVN) and there will meet Daniel West (SSX) who tamed the power hitting of Ryan Atherton (LNH) to move through in three games in 30 minutes. In the other half Chris Hall (WKS) is showing tremendous form making the game look easy as he powers through the draw. After a close first he stormed through Gurbhaj Kahlon (BRK) to set up a semi final against Jamie Douglas (NLD) who had a superb match against David Palmer (DVN) who was desperately hunting ranking points for the England team. In a free flowing hard hitting match Palmer went 2-1 up before Douglas pegged him back to win in five in over an hour.

So the stage is set for semi finals day and some of the best Masters players in the country will be there to battle for a coveted place in the National Finals. All to play for and some fantastic squash in store. Spectators are welcome at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club.

Day 2 – Thursday 8th February

Women’s Over 50: Only a few early rounds in this event. Debbie Locke (WKS) proved to be too strong for Rhian Davies of Wales and earns a match with top seed Rachel Calver (LEC). Also through was Libby Montgomery (HFD) who beat Alison Goy (NOT) and now meets former Champion Sarah Parr (BRK). Defending National Champion Linda Pritchard (SPE) is only seeded 5/8 this year but put in a solid display against Wendy Hiscox (LDN) against Louisa Dalwood (HFD) in what should be a great match.

Women’s Over 45: Only a couple of early round matches today and Saoirse O’Sullivan (NOT) came through against Alex Perry (OFE) in straight games and earns a match against top seed Catherine Ruffle (KNT).

Women's Over 35: There was only one match in the Women’s O35s and that was with England star Michelle Knight (NHM) against Masters newcomer Fran Whyte (HPH) and Knight proved too strong and experienced for the Salisbury player but is unfortunate in now meeting top seed and Wales No 1 Stacey Gooding in the next round.

Men's Over 75: A small upset in this group as Robert Smith of Kent went down in four to Allan Whittow (BUX) who played the court better and has earned a match against top seed Barry Featherstone (HPH). Martin Day (YKS) progressed with a four game win over Tibor Szolnoki (WKS) and earns himself a match against European Champion Ian Ross of Scotland. The longest match of the round was Thomas Elves (DCL) five game win 14-12 in the fifth against Leo Kingston (LNH). He next plays No 2 seed Larry Grover.

Men's Over 70: The only upset in the first round was when Tony Pensom (DCL) beat Robert Houldsworth (LNH) in straight games. Houldsworth had had a fine Regional season reaching two finals but was below his normal level in this one. Pensom now plays Geoff Redfern (WKS) the 3/4 seed. Jakey Musson (CBA) lost the first against Irish International Robert Garvin but came back to take the next three in a competitive match. Open Champion Terry Belshaw (CBA) disposed of Colin Cruickshank (SCO) and now meets a hard hitting local player John Forester.

Men's Over 65: The David Stones v David Kirk match was always going to be tight and it certainly was as Stones went two up but Kirk battled back to take it in five 11-9 in the last. Ian Bradburn (LNH) the Open Champion has been struggling with injuries all season but is a gritty performer and he managed to find his way past Robert Warner (OFE) in five. In another upset Stuart Hardy (WLT) went two up against Alan Connor (LNH) but was unable to take advantage going down in five. The top seeds all went through without incident and look likely to line up in the semis.

Men's Over 60: Top seed and eight time National Champion Mark Woodliffe (GLR) needed a game to ease in against Rob Reid (HFD) and went through in four and there will meet another former Champion in John Parkes (WOC). Eamonn Price (HFD) looking like he means business disposed of Steve Martin (YKS) and now will meet last season’s finalist Andrew Killey (AVN). In the bottom half David Gray (CBA) scored a solid win over Nigel Bacon (ESX) to earn the pleasure of a match with former World Top 10 Pro Bryan Beeson (NLD) the defending National Champion.

Men's Over 55: Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) already has three Regionals this season and is the player in form. Wales International Ian Fenner-Evans dug in well to take a game but Lund was too strong. Karl Hardy (CHS) came through a five game match with Ray Burke (LNH) which left Burke with a slight injury. Meanwhile, British Open Champion Steve McLoughlin (HPH) eased past Nick Sheppard (ESX) and now meets Sam Hanbury (SSX) who outlasted the mercurial David Youngs (NOR) who is returning from injury. Also returning from injury former Champion Andrew Cross (DCL) showed some of his former prowess but not enough to stop Simon Spencer (NOT) going down in four to earn a quarter against Andrew Eilfield (HFD) who was too strong for Peter Lonsdale (DCL).

Men's Over 50: Three time former National Champion Nick Wall (YKS) opened his account in convincing style and now meets Yorkshire team mate Matt Stephenson who beat James Piddington (WKS) in four. A very tight four game win for Adam Dominey of the Isle of Wight over Julian Beckett (WLT) earned him a quarter final against three seed Mike Gregory (DVN). Paul Boyle (BUX) a former Champion also eased through to play Wayne Beglan (SRY) but the quarter final to watch will be the usual no holds barred battle between the Staunton twins Nick and Rob.

Men's Over 45: Top seed and Open Champion Matt Holland (HPH) is the favourite here and eased into the second round when he’ll meet Matt Whitehead (DYS) who did anything but ease coming back from two games down against Andy Duckworth (HFD). Nick Hargreaves (NOT), very familiar with these courts, went through smoothly and now meets James Greenhead (SRY) in a quarter final. Paul Warner (BUX) and Charlie McCall (MDX) both had straight game wins, McCall upsetting the form book taking out Simon Myring (YKS) 3-0. Meanwhile in the bottom section two old adversaries in Tim Burrell (BRK) and Mick Biggs (MDX) will meet at the bottom of the draw both having won 3-0.

Men's Over 40: Squash legend and former World No 2 Peter Marshall (LDN) is top seed here and Mark Campen-Howarth (CNL) won the dubious pleasure of meeting him in the next round when Tony Webb had to retire with an injury. Phil Nightingale former Surrey Champion eased through to meet Ross Kneller (YKS) who got through against Steven Davies (BFD) who also had an injury problem. A tasty quarter will see Antony Savage (ESX) and Ross Gore (OFE) who both had straight game wins and in the bottom half of the draw second seed Phil Rushworth a National and Open finalist will meet Neil Cross of Norfolk who had a real battle with George Shoulder of Hampshire emerging 3-2 winner.

Men's Over 35: British Open Champion James Snell (DVN) has been unstoppable this season and is the top seed here. He eased through against Michael Plant (NOT) and now faces John Welton (AVN) who beat England player Gbenga Adeyi (BFD) 3/0 in a match where one game went to an amazing 21/19! Ryan Atherton (LNH) had a real contest with Nicholas Bradley (LEC) with two of the five games going to extra time. Atherton now faces Daniel West (SSX). The no. 2 seed is many time Warwickshire Champion Chris Hall who progressed untroubled and now meets Gurbhaj Kahlon (BRK) who went through in four against Mark McEwan (ESX).

Friday is Day 3, the Quarter Finals Day, and all the big names will be in action and there will be some World Class Masters Squash on show. Spectators are welcome at Nottingham Squash Club as all the age groups continue through the day.

Day 1 - Wednesday 7th February

The England Squash Masters circuit arrived at Nottingham for the final event of the season, the iPROSPORTS British National Masters Squash Championships 2024.

Wednesday saw the start of the competition for the age groups with the largest draws and there were some high-seeded players in action and some fine, tight matches.

In the Men's 65s Rob Ballinghall (BUX) saved a match point in the fourth game before edging it 14/12 then taking the fifth against Richard Kellagher (OFE). Julian Craxton (HFD) came unstuck against Suffolk's Andrew Lindfield going down in an exciting 13/11 in the fifth.
Andrew Clarkson is resident in Germany and has been very successful on the European circuit but almost fell to the redoubtable Ripley Oyler (BRK), however, he came through in five. He will now meet the unorthodox Jonathan Potter (MDX). Another interesting match up for tomorrow will be between David Kirk (OFE) and David Stones (LCN) who are both chasing England selection.

The Men's 60s was far more orderly with the higher seeds without exception progressing as expected. There were some good matches as Ian Portas (LCN) prevailed 12/10 in the fourth against Andy Hall (YKS) and David Gray (CBA) came through in four against the dour Yorkshireman Phil Wakefield. Former Champions Eammon Price (HFD) and John Parkes (WOC) showed their class and highly seeded Andy Killey (AVN), last years finalist, and Queens Club pro Darren Withey (BUX) proceeded without incident. The top two seeds, multiple Champion Mark Woodliffe (GLR) and defending Champion Bryan Beeson (NLD) are in action tomorrow.

Only a few matches in the Men's 55s and the best was probably David Weston (NLD) who had a cracking match with Matthew Towers (BFD) eventually scrambling through 13/11 in the fourth. Peter Lonsdale (DCL) known as the Lobster for his towering lob game frustrated and beat the game Richard Bradley (NLD) in four. Again all the top seeds will be in action tomorrow with top seed Gavin Roger-Lund (BUX) and Open Champion Steve MacLoughlin hoping to reach another final in their ongoing head to head.

So, Thursday will see all the Big Guns enter the competitions and there will be a full day of top class Masters Squash at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club. Spectators are welcome.

Stuart Hardy

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