Midlands Regional Event - Results
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2016 National Squash Championships - Manchester
2016 National Squash Championships
Categories of events are:

Men, Men Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and now 80
Women, Women Over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60

The 2016 National Squash Championships will be staged at the National Squash Centre in Manchester from the 8th to 14th February 2016.

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South of England Regional Event - Results
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South of England Event 2015-16 Gallery
British Open Masters Championship

England Squash have announced that the British Open Masters Championship will not be taking place with the British Open (PSA event) in Hull in March.  The Masters will take place in May / June and the venue will be decided shortly.
Players of the Year 2014-2015

Jill Campion

Jill Campion has had a remarkable Renaissance.   A long standing supporter of the Masters events she eventually had to have both hips replaced.   With great determination she embarked on a Gym and Squash regime that saw her return to top class Masters Squash and this season scoring wins over the reigning British Open and National Champion.  After wins in Regional events she won the National Championship in February beating a double World Champion in the final.  She then went on to Captain England in the Home Internationals.  An inspirational comeback. 


Glen Ragou

For someone to continue to play International quality Squash at the very highest level. Glen----- always chirping and with his trademark smile, whist suffering from extended serious illness, duplicated by an NHS cock up of major proportions,  in the middle of all the medical treatment inflicted on him, is an unbelievable feat. Really truly incredible. Probably with his friend Ian Bradburn, the most popular and likeable players on the Circuit.


Stuart Hardy

Stuart Hardy has played in nearly all the Masters events since they started but has had a remarkable season.   After reaching the 2014 British Open Final he went on to win four International Open Championships - Germany, Wales, Holland and the USA, as well as three English Regional titles.   He has in fact been a finalist ten times out of the  last eleven Regionals he has played.  On top of that he has been active with the Masters committee and driven a number of initiatives such as promotional shirts and international kit.

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Squash Player Magazine
2015 Issue 6

Squash Player Magazine

News: Olympic hopes dashed again, Tall order, It's all over now, David's HK 10, Barker retires, Massaro new no.1 .
Column: WSF coaching is now standardised.
Features: Gaultier at last, World disorder, Mosaad's push, Gohar in top 10, Public Squash, Dardir remembered, PSA's objectives.
Club Scene: Serbian club war.
Workshop: Analysis of 17-inch tin, Rally lengths, Gaultier's mastershot, Parke's challenge, Pilley - my game.
On Court: PSA Tour round-up and previews, Review, Qatar notes, British Junior Open preview, One to watch.
Hall of Fame: Azam Khan.
Gallery: Ian McKenzie's personal view.

GB Veterans Autumn Newsletter
 Autumn 2015 Newsletter
GB Veterans

In this issue:

  • Half Price Merchandise Sale
  • 2015/16 Fixtures
  • Reports, Membership News and Much More